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After hearing so much about Porto, you’ve finally decided to meet her. But, you don’t know when is the best time to visit Porto. Maybe you already booked your flights or even your reservation to the best hostel in the city (ahem, ahem).

Now, of course, you want to know exactly what clothes to put in your backpack. We know you’ll have your weather radar on right before departure time –as you should- but here we are to let you know the Porto climate and average weather you can expect from the different seasons in this Portuguese city.


Porto climate is a Mediterranean climate with oceanic influence, characterized by mild temperatures and abundant rainfall. Due to its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, the wind is constantly blowing. So, our first advice: always, always, bring something warm, even in the summer!

The sunniest month is July, and its opposite is January. So, the second tip: if you’re looking to exchange the winter for a sunnier destination, Porto is not your city! Although the temperature is higher than in other parts of Europe or the States, Porto still rains a lot!

Now, let’s talk about light, the thing that gives us life. In the winter months, the natural light barely reaches 9 hours. In spring and autumn, it´s light out for up to 12 hours. In summer, we´ll have up to 14 hours of daylight – or 15 if it´s São João night, the longest day of the year.

Best time to visit Porto in 2020


  • SPRING (21MAR – 20JUN)

Let’s start with spring, which is considered by many to be the best time to visit Porto. Although it´s usually like that almost everywhere, right? Still, we all like to know the cities with little crowded streets, pleasant temperatures, and clear skies. May is the favorite month for travelers, with temperatures reaching 20ºC / 68 ºF. The good weather is back!

Traveling starts to get very interesting in June, with the beginning of a lot of popular festivals. Primavera Sound is one of Porto’s music festivals you shouldn’t miss!

The months of March and April are wetter, with the likelihood of rain decreasing in May. How to pack for spring, then? Make denim and leather jackets your best allies. We’re talking about a minimum average temperature of 9ºC / 48 ºF and a maximum average temperature of 18ºC / 64 ºF. After winter, people take to the streets again and walk on the banks of the Douro River. You just have to spend and enjoy Porto nightlife around the Galerias de​​ Paris area to see the good atmosphere with your own eyes!

best time of year to visit porto spring

  • SUMMER (21JUN – 20SEP)

Summer months starts strong in Porto (Portugal) with the celebration of the wonderful São João night! It’s a warm welcome to the sunny season and hot days as well as a goodbye to those heavy rains! But, don’t get too excited. It´s best to be prepared for possible treacherous breezes from the river. Plus, once the sun goes down, it can get pretty chilly. In June, there´s a minimum average temperature of 14ºC / 57ºF, so take something to wear on top, especially if you are one of those sensitive to cold types! Don’t panic though, temperatures rise to 23ºC / 73ºF during the day.

July and August are the warmest months, you can expect a decent 25ºC / 77ºF, as high temperatures about 30ºC / 86ºF, so nothing will stop you from enjoying Porto’s spectacular beaches. But, be warned that Porto is known for its summer storms. If you get to visit the city during those exact two days of rain, don’t despair, we promise you that the city has the most romantic vibe when it´s wet and the sky is grey.

Still, we can rely on the statistics, and these say that, in order to avoid the rain, you must travel to Porto specifically between July 6th and August 5th. Please take note ✍

best beaches in porto Praia da gaia madalena


  • AUTUMN (21SEP – 20 DIC)

We love the Porto climate in autumn. The crowds of tourists are already gone, and the weather is still pleasant. Of course, check the Porto forecast before leaving to the airport because you could be “blessed” with some rainy days, especially if you travel during November or December.

The temperature varies according to the month you choose. In daylight hours, September gives us some magical 24ºC / 75 ºF. The weather in October is still superb, reaching 21ºC / 70ºF, but in November degrees start to descend to 17ºC / 63 ºF. Remember that, at night, temperatures are always much cooler.

And if it’s a bit cold on your travel days (something around 9º-12ºC / 48-54 ºF), try to warm up by eating some roasted chestnuts, which begin to appear in October in almost every corner of the city. Then, come in and snuggle at any of these Porto’s fado temples we recommend.

best time to visit porto

  • WINTER (21DIC – 20 MAR)

Porto´s winter season weather is not as cold as other parts of Europe, having a minimum average temperature of 6ºC / 43 ºF and a maximum average temperature of 15ºC / 59 ºF. And what’s more, thermometers can rise to 18ºC / 64 ºF on a sunny day! Ha! Many countries in northern Europe would like to have this temperature in summer…

But, of course, be prepared for the rain and bring good footwear, the stone-cobble city can get slippery! Another enemy of our trips is the wind, which blows stronger in the months of January and February. On those days, it’s better to avoid the coast area.

Yet, don’t back out because of this. In fact, the weather in Porto is quite unpredictable. In winter, you can either find a whole week of rain or a whole week of sun. But, there’s a good reason to take this “risk”: it’s a perfect getaway for a last-minute trip, flights are much cheaper, it’s easier to find accommodation availability, and hospitality prices are not inflated. It´s also the perfect time of the year to pay good tribute to Portugal’s cuisine at one of our favorite restaurants!

If you’re all about Christmas city breaks, there is quite a festive atmosphere in Porto markets during December. The entire city is lit up with lights, and there are even not one, but TWO ice rinks!

In February, the Simplesmente Vinho festival takes place. But if there´s not enough time in your schedule, don’t forget to visit one of the best port wine wineries!

Porto climate in winter

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