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Porto Nightlife | The Best Nightclubs and Bars in 2024

Most of Porto nightlife is concentrated in the historic center of the city, making it very easy to walk from one side to the other. In recent years, the number of bars and clubs hasn’t stopped growing – just as the number of travelers is growing, obviously! There is room for everyone, for quiet travelers, for restless travelers, for those looking to drink cheaply, or for those looking for a more cultural plan (read Things to do in Porto). Take note of Porto’s best clubs and bars.



  • Galerias de Paris

When the locals mention “Galerias de Paris”, they refer to a party area: the street named “Rua da Galeria da Paris”, and the streets that run parallel. A very quiet area during the day, but veeery lively at night. There’s a wide offering of bars, although people prefer to have a drink in the street and move from one place to another. It doesn’t matter if you go in summer or winter, you’ll see the street crowded with people!! Of course, keep in mind that Portuguese’s nightlife begins quite late, so expect movement starting at 11:30 pm.

One of the most representative places in the area is the Galeria de Paris restaurant-bar (as you can see, the names are easy to remember). It attracts travelers for its original décor and vintage furniture, from a grand piano to a Fiat Cinquecento. But there are many more party options: Plano B, Rendez Vous, Casa do Livro, Café au Lait, Alma, or More Club among others. We’ll talk about some of them here, read on!

Porto nightlife galerias de paris

Jó Ribeiro at Galerias de Paris


  • Adega Leonor

Its proximity to the university makes it one of the hotspots for both national and international students. In fact, one of the walls of the bar is decorated with expired Erasmus IDs! And the roof is covered with flags of various football teams, attracting fans of this sport as well.

But its biggest claim is that it is sooo cheap. Shots, drinks, beers, wines or caipirinhas that you probably won’t drink inside, but outside, on the terrace, next to the park, and next to the crowds of people who congregate here. The atmosphere is phenomenal and even you’ll enjoy music from the speakers. If you need an extra reason: The waiters are super fast and friendly! In short, one of the best places to start the night!

Porto nightlife Adega Leonor

Credit: Adega Leonor 



  • MaoMaria

A modern bar with a good atmosphere, it has everything! They will not disappoint whether you go early in the evening to have a good cocktail in a relaxed atmosphere on their outdoor terrace, or if you show up after midnight ready to make dance moves under their spotlights! The music is mainly international pop (but also your perfect chance to listen to the latest Portugal hits ) and the people who come here have a very good vibe, with people between 22 and 35 years old.

  • Casa do Livro

Casa do Livro or “Casa del libro”, owes its name to the bookshop that occupied this space, today converted into a bar, so you can expect books as part of the decoration! It’s interesting for the most intellectual travelers not only for this fact, but also for its varied musical program that includes jazz, blues and bossa nova. Sometimes there are live shows, so if you’re looking for a spot to enjoy a night of fado in Porto, this could be your chance! But don’t think this is just a relaxed bar, as the night progresses, the DJ sessions make everyone dance!

Porto nightlife casa do livro

Credit: Casa do Livro

  • Café au Lait

Here is a win anytime of the night, you might come for your first drink and stay until 4:00 am! Good selection of music in a cool environment, which is perfect to chat with friends. The rhythms are electronic and alternative, but there are days that change to hip hop, R&B and more commercial techno. The space is small, but if there are not many people you can even dance. And if you find it full, you can always go outside for fresh air and come back again, without having to drop your drink. Definitely one of the best bars in Galerias de Paris!



  • Plano B

Plano B (Plan B, in English) has everything to be your plan A: It’s a club, indeed, but also a multidisciplinary space where exhibitions, conferences, performances, film screenings and workshops are held. And of course, concerts and DJ set to dance until dawn. Jazz, rock, electronic and experimental music fall within the offer of Plano B.

It has two floors and three rooms with different musical styles -techno, R&B, hip-hop, commercial- so everyone can find something of their style. The upper floor has a relaxed atmosphere for good cocktails. Its sofas, long red curtains, retro mirrors and colorful objects give the most extravagant look. And on the ground floor is where the DJ sessions and the live performances take place. One of the liveliest clubs in the city!

clubs porto plano b

Credit: Plano B

  • Maus Habitos

To be honest, this place is so hidden that travelers only find it if someone local recommends it first (you’re welcome!). It’s located on the fourth floor of a building that is a parking lot. But what makes this place peculiar is not only its location but also its concept: it’s a restaurant, an art gallery, a terrace with views of the city, a bar, and a disco!

Like many of the places on this list, you can go to dinner (in this case do not miss the pizzas) but you can go only to have a cocktail and enjoy the DJ sessions. On Fridays and Saturdays, it closes at 6:00. Don’t miss it out!

Maus Habitos clubs porto

Credit: Maus Hábitos

  • Gare Club

It’s considered one of the best clubs in Europe and also one of the favorites of many national and international artists who come to play. Gare opts for alternative music and underground culture experiences. On Friday nights they alternate between the drum’n’bass and house music, and on Saturdays they are devoted to techno music. The main hall of the club is impressive, an industrial tunnel 35 meters long and 6 meters wide. Its name is due to its proximity to S. Bento station, and this means… that you’ll be very close to Cats Hostel Porto as well! Five minutes separate the dance floor from your bed. EASIEST POSSIBLE, right?

  • Boîte

It’s located in one of the most emblematic buildings of downtown Porto, the former Olympia Cinema. Boîte means “box” in French, and that’s why they define themselves as a music box. Even their lights are boxes shaped, to mimic the name as well. In this particular “box” expect to listen to pop, hip-hop, R&B, funk and disco rhythms. You won’t stop dancing, trust us!

boite best clubs in porto

Credit: Inez Cortez in Boîte 

  • Tendinha Dos Clerigos

It was one of the pioneer rock clubs in Porto nightlife. They have just celebrated their 14th anniversary! You’re still in time to sign up for their memorable 15’s and enjoy this cave-style bar with redwood boards and a wall with concert posters by iconic artists. Many people arrive late at night, when the other bars of Galerias have closed, and with the idea of ​​extending the party until dawn… even during the week! Come for pure rock, punk, indie and underground music. Here, if the music is very loud, it means you’re too old. Guaranteed fun!


We know you value first-hand information. We have seen our guests come to the reception and the bar again and again looking for the staff’s recommendations. So, LET US SORT THIS OUT. We have asked our Hostal Cats Hostel Insider, Jó Ribeiro, your perfect Porto nightlife. We’ll have to trust him, he’s natural from Porto (tripeiro), he is 26 years old and he has been partying since he was 16. He has even played music on some of these places!

1st stop: Start your night at Cats bar, grab some beers, then a shot!

2nd stop: If you’re planning a big night out, then it’s time to go to Kalash to have a tequila shot or, if you dare, “o beijo do diabo” -now you’re all warmed up and ready to make new friends!

3rd stop: Now is time to head down to Adega Leonor and grab a 50cl of beer/cider or whatever is your fuel. Then, enjoy a nice conversation with the people outside.

4th stop: Don’t wait too much to check what’s going on in Galerias de Paris area -you can walk drink in hand- see the vibe of each bar. Maybe you want to go to Cafe au Lait to have relaxed drink with good electronic music in the background. Or maybe you want to dance some pop hits or reggaeton in Auditorio or Fabrik.

5th stop: Around 3:00 am will be a good time to change your club. If you want to keep your reggaeton/funk vibes, go to Boîte or More Club ’till 6:00 am. If you want something more alternative like techno/electronics/hip hop /R&B, go to Plano B, Gare Club or Maus Hábitos.


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