When we go on about wanting to you join the CATS family… it’s because we literally are one huge family in every way! Back in the good old days of 2003, four brothers from Barcelona and a couple of buddies had a vision: they wanted to turn their professional lives around, so they decided to bring the “hostels culture” they’d experienced in other European countries to Madrid.



Cats Hostel Madrid Sol

So, they started searching the city for somewhere magical. They spent months looking at countless buildings until…Bullseye! They stumbled upon a beautiful house, what is now Cats Hostel Madrid Sol(C/Cañizares 6), and there and then they knew that the possibilities were endless. Come on, it can’t have been that hard to fall head over heels with. The building was a ridiculously awesome 17th century mansion in the city center with an intriguing hidden history (ghosts and all, but we’ll tell you about that later). Obviously, this was THE place.


After a little makeover, the creation of our CATS brand, converting the building into an equipped hostel and a few innovative technological details here and there… we opened our doors in July 2004!! After only one year since opening, we won the HOSCAR award (no seriously, that’s what it’s called) for the best hostel in the world, given to us by the awesome network Hostelworld… like the la crème de la crème of the hostel sector. Even back in those days, our main philosophy was highly valued: taking over from the mundane Madrid hostels to create a home away from home and offer authentic life experiences.


Cats Hostel Madrid Lavapiés

With this groundbreaking way of perceiving hostel life, the family began to grow in 2005. It welcomed a new member: MAD, what is now Cats Hostel Madrid Lavapiés, located in the buzzing Lavapiés district (c/Cabeza 24). Turning a traditional 18th century building into a modern hostel fit for 21st century travelers was a challenge in itself. Serious architectural developments were needed. Basically, only a madman would have taken this project on.Slowly but surely, each building started taking on its own kind of identity (does that sound crazy?)

Fifteen Years

Cats Hostel Madrid Sol(as one would think) became the place to go for the party-goers who came to paint the town red. Cats Hostel Madrid Lavapiés(hence its name) became a cozy setting for people who come to enjoy the Madrid experience. Our guests can soak up the essence of Madrid in its chill ambience.
SSince all that, over half a million travelers (not too shabby) have stayed with us in the past fifteen years (THANK YOU!). We’ve shared countless beers, legendary nights, and discovered together so many ways of enjoying our amazing city.