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We are convinced that the best Valentine’s gift to give to one another is to spend time together. Therefore, we bring you this selection of plans to celebrate it in Madrid. It is said that it was a big chain of department stores who brought this custom to Spain to increase sales. But dear fellow travelers, just forget about meaninglessness gifts and create real experiences with your other half! Choose the plan that suits your style, there is something for every type of couple.  And the best thing about our recommendations is they are not only valid for February 14th, but all year round!


This year the responsibility of choosing a place for dinner falls on you, and you are starting to freak out. Don’t worry, we have your back. Who knows better than Cats team about Madrid’s nightlife? These restaurants assure love at first bite.

  • HABANERA: For party couples

Imagine a romantic dinner in a large room decorated in the Cuban colonial style, followed by cocktails and dancing. This site is to treat oneself: unbeatable attention, delicious food, live music, spectacular atmosphere and plants, many plants! As soon as you taste a bite of your Ropa Vieja, you will be instantly in Havana without having to get on a plane. It is one of the trendiest places in Madrid, so it could be in great demand on Valentine’s. Please book!

📍 Address: Calle Génova, 28

🏩From the hostel: Take the metro in Tirso de Molina, change in Bilbao to line 4, and get off at Colón. The restaurant is 1-minute walk away. In total it takes about 20 minutes.

Credit: @habaneracolon

  • FERRETERÍA BY EGO: For an everlasting love

It was the oldest hardware store in Madrid (1888), but now it is a restaurant that still preserves all the charm of yesteryear, as well as original furniture and cabinets. To celebrate a love story that persists! Here you will find Spanish traditional cuisine and probably the best jamón serrano in the world. Did you know that the same ham leg can produce up to 40 different flavors? It’s the kind of thing you can learn from their great waiters!

📍 Address: Calle de Atocha, 57

🏩From the hostel: It’s 5 minutes by foot, couldn’t be easier! It is next to the Anton Martin metro station, check out its beautiful sign, it’s the original!

Credit: @ferreteria_byego

  • THE CAMOATÍ: For meat lovers

You will be celebrating Valentine’s Day in Spain, but this hidden place will make you feel right in Argentina. The staff have a great vibe, the atmosphere is romantic but casual, perfect for non-cheesy couples! Also, for those couples who like to share food, the portions are generous! On Valentine’s, they are offering a dulce de leche volcano, and from March, there will be Tango nights every Thursday!!

📍 Address: Calle Alfonso VI, 3

🏩From the hostel: You can easily walk to La Latina. It’s only 13 minutes!


  • FELLINA: For a Lady and the Tramp spaghetti moment

An Italian restaurant is usually a success, but this one is good, attractive, and affordable, what else could you possibly ask for? Picture these: imagine the recipes of an authentic Italian nonna, but in the most romantic atmosphere, -candles included. Your partner will be pleased! And after a delicious dinner, you can visit the clandestine club in the basement. Extra: If you book for Valentine’s, they will reward you with a glass of cava or Moscato! Ready per innamorarsi??

📍 Address: Calle de Caracas, 21

🏩From the hostel: Take the metro at Tirso de Molina and get off at Iglesia. From there just walk 8 minutes. In total it takes about 23 minutes.



Okay, romantic dinners aren’t your thing. You are a day person, you show your love on the streets in broad daylight. Or you simply don’t feel like spending a fortune on Valentine’s plan. These plans here are somewhat more relaxed, but no less special!

  • GASTROBARES BY SALVADOR BACHILLER: To give a pleasant surprise

It is difficult not to hit with the gastrobares of Salvador Bachiller. Perfect for both day and night dates. Come and get breakfast in an English-style tea room with velvet sofas, or a cocktail in a tropical lounge surrounded by plants. In its three bars, the decoration is taken care of down to the slightest detail. Although this is expected… as you are inside a decoration store! No kidding. Speakeasy style. Surely your partner does not expect it!

📍 Address: Calle Montera, 37

🏩 From the hostel: The SB Garden is the closest, you just have to walk to Sol and walk up Montera street. It takes about 12 minutes.


  • SALON DES FLEURS: To say it with flowers

If we had to define this “flower room” with just one word, we could not choose. Cute? Elegant? Quiet? Romantic? All of them! Here you can have tea and share a delicious cake surrounded by flowers. Perfect for the most classic couples, those who appreciate a large bouquet of roses on the most romantic day of the year. The atmosphere is relaxed and the most pleasant. A haven of peace in the chaotic Madrid.

📍 Address: Calle de Guzmán el Bueno, 106

🏩From the hostel: Take the metro in Tirso de Molina to Cuatro Caminos. From there you will have to walk 13 minutes, but in total it will only take about 30 minutes.

Credit: @salondesfleurs

  • BAR YAMBALA: To get as exotic as you want

What we like about this bar is that it represents the most current Madrid. The city is multicultural, so this place is! The bar is inspired by Arab, African, Latin, and European cultures. Here you will feel at home, or even better! Because we are sure that you don’t usually sit on cushions or smoke-flavored water pipes at home. Intimate atmosphere, colored fabrics, and plants. Their offer also includes coffees, cocktails and various flavors teas, so that the experience is as exotic as you want it to be!

📍 Address: Calle de Coloreros, 4

🏩From the hostel: You can go on foot. Just walk through Atocha St. to Plaza de la Provincia, cross the Plaza Mayor and you will face the street. It takes about 11 minutes.

Credit: @bar-yambala

  • THE DOGER CAFÉ: To bring your “other” love… (or main love!)

Who said that a romantic plan only involves two people? Your hairy faithful friend can join to this plan. The Doger Café is the very first cafe with dogs in Madrid and they can have their snack while you have your snacks too (and your beer). And what if you love dogs, but you don’t have one? The first good news, they have puppies, and playing with them is free! The second piece of that is, if you fall in love with one of them, they are all up for adoption!

📍 Address: Calle los Mesejo, 14

🏩From the hostel: Take the metro in Antón Martín and get off at Puente de Vallecas. Then walk about 5 minutes to the place. In total it takes about 20 minutes. 


We truly believe Valentine’s day is about love and not about consumerism. No expensive gifts, just time together. But if you don’t want to spend money while spending time together… well, these are our recommendations for things to do for free in Madrid.

  • EL CAPRICHO PARK: To go away from the busy city center

Visitors usually forget about it because it’s far from the city center, but we strongly recommend it as is one of the most beautiful and romantic parks in Madrid! These gardens have everything you can expect from an eighteenth-century garden: sculptures, shrines, chapels, fountains, squares, etc. And it is divided into three zones: French garden, English landscape, and Italian giardino. So, no one can say you are not a true world traveler!

📍 Address: Paseo Alameda de Osuna, 25

🏩From the hostel: Go to La Latina and take line 5 to El Capricho stop there. It is very well indicated. In total it’s about 50 minutes. Please note: Only open on Sat, Sun, and public holidays.

Credit: wikimedia


La Latina is a popular area to eat and drink in Madrid, but many locals haven’t been here or heard about it. And that is because the garden is “hidden” behind a door. But please, be a curious traveler, and go inside! Walk the small garden as Prince of Anglona did himself. Maybe don’t dress up as people used to do it back in the time, but hey, this is a very instagrammable spot! It could be the perfect occasion to retake your happy couple pictures!

📍 Address: Plaza de la Paja, 6

🏩 From the hostel: It’s only 11 minutes walking towards the Latina, or more if you decide to stop for a beer on your way!

  • DALIEDA DE SAN FRANCISCO: To enjoy a sunset without crowds of people

It is a botanical garden specializing in dahlias and one of the most unknown lookouts of Madrid. Many who walk through La Latina will notice the great and imposing Basilica of San Francisco El Grande, but what they may not know is that right next to it, there is a garden with more than 50 varieties of dahlias. And although they reach their peak in June and September, the park is open all year round. A quiet place at sunset time, to admire the beauty of Madrid or the beauty of your soul mate!

📍 Address: Gran Vía de San Francisco Avenue, 29

🏩 From the hostel: It takes about 15 minutes walking. After Plaza de la Latina continue straight until you see the Basilica in front of you. The park is on your left.

Credit: wikimedia

  • DEBOD TEMPLE: To prepare a picnic

Of course, we couldn’t ignore this classic! What will is so special about this place that it attracts so many couples? Is it its Egyptian temple? Its incredible views of Madrid? The story behind it? The colors at the sunset time? Or the special people to share the moment with? If are lucky to have someone, surprise her/him with a picnic prepared by you. You, your date, and the temple. This plan is foolproof.

📍 Address: Calle Ferraz, 1

🏩From the hostel: Take the metro in Lavapiés to Ventura Rodríguez, walk downhill towards the Parque del Oeste, and you will face it! It takes about 25 minutes.

Credit: wikipedia


Before someone mentions it… yes, we know that going out to dinner or having a drink is nothing special for Valentines. You can do that at any time of the year. And that’s why we also thought about these other alternative plans, so you can celebrate love in a different and original way!

  • ARAB HAMMAM AL ANDALUS: To restore body and soul

The water journey of these Arab baths is a romantic plan which will surprise your partner, no doubt! Visiting the Spanish capital can be exhausting, walking everywhere on foot, partying till late… you deserve a relaxing experience as well. A 20-minute massage is included in the regular circuit and we can’t describe it in words, you need to come and feel it!

For Valentine’s Day, they are offering double sessions at a special price. Do you need another excuse?

📍 Address: Calle de Atocha, 14

🏩From the hostel: Go up to Atocha street and turn left. It’s a 5-minute walk!

Credit: @hammamalandalus


It was probably Hollywood who made up our minds, that for us, bookstores are some of the most romantic places. What if you choose a book for your date, and your date choose one book for you? If this doesn’t work, then you can try to book… a dinner. No, seriously. We think this plan is very romantic!! And they have a selection of books at €1 outside, so it is impossible not to stop to browse. Will you end up choosing one of the greatest love stories?

📍 Address: Calle del Espíritu Santo, 13

🏩From the hostel: Take the metro in Tirso de Molina and get off at Tribunal. It will take about 16 minutes if you do not stop to look at the always tempting shop windows of Malasaña.

Credit: @LibreriaLibrosParaUnMundoMejor

  • MADRID CABLE CAR: To remember that love is up in the air

Ok, maybe you think that getting on a cable car does not have much romantic, but some excitement is in the feeling of being 40 meters above the ground! At least, you will enjoy unbeatable views of Madrid. The plan is completed with a visit to the rose garden of the Parque del Oeste, very close by. A unique corner, with 500 varieties of roses. The best time to visit is spring, obviously. But it has flowers all year round!

📍 Address: Paseo Pintor Rosales, s/n

🏩From the hostel: Take the metro in Lavapiés to Ventura Rodríguez, walk downhill towards the Parque del Oeste, you will face it! In total about 25 minutes.


  • THEATRE LARA: To indulge your personal Romeo or Juliet

Call us old-fashioned, but we truly believe that a theatre night is a romantic plan if ever was one. And if you take your partner the one most beautiful theaters in Madrid, you will leave him/her speechless. We really like Teatro Lara and its classical atmosphere taking you back to the 19th century. They show not only theatrical performances but concerts of local and international artists. Their dramatized visits are also worth it to see!

📍 Address: Calle Corredera Baja de San Pablo 15

🏩From the hostel: By metro it’s about 18 minutes, taking line 3 from Lavapiés and getting off at Callao. But by foot maybe it’s even less!



It’s 2019 already and there are still people who think hostels are not for couples. Come on, if you want your private double room with its own bathroom you don´t need to spend your money in a hotel! It has been a long time since Cats Hostels begin offering spaces for couples, so they could feel comfortable while traveling. Also, we do our best to help singles find a partner!


As it has been a success in previous years, this year we have decided to prepare not only one, but two speed dating sessions for Valentine’s. And… what about you, happy couples? You are welcome too! We will host a party, there is free dinner, raffles… Just one question, will you invite us to your wedding?