Couples who travel together, stay together! How important it’s to escape the routine, experience new things and spend quality time with your partner! The trips serve to know you more, to create new memories or even to keep (or revive) the flame of love.


And although there are many cities in the world to disconnect from day to day and to see your partner with new eyes, we wanted to make this list of the best European destinations for a romantic getaway. Honestly, these are perfect to enjoy at any time of the year!


Why is Paris called the city of love? You’ll find it out when you see the proposals in front of the Eiffel Tower, the kisses on the “The Wall of Love”, the photoshoots on Alexandre III Bridge, or the people walking hand in hand in the Luxembourg Gardens… Wherever you look, the French capital distills romance. Even the cemeteries! (If you don’t believe us, wait to see the kiss “prints” that people leave at Oscar Wilde’s grave in the Père-Lachaise cemetery).

Spots that are perfect for a romantic day: the Temple de la Sybille in Buttes-Chaumont Park, the gothic chapel Sainte Chapelle and its famous stained glass windows, the views of the city from the dome of the Sacré Coeur, or the entire Montmartre neighborhood, especially on a rainy day!


A floating city formed by more than 100 small islands connected by 400 bridges. Imagine a gondola ride and dinner at a restaurant on the edge of a canal. Can a date get any more romantic than this? It can, if you go before to the Acqua Alta bookstore and buy each other a book, cross Rialto Bridge and capture a #followmeto moment and share an Italian gelato in the Piazza San Marco.

The architecture and art of Venice leave no one indifferent: The details of the Doge’s Palace or St. Mark’s Basilica, the iconic Bridge of Sighs, the art collection of the Accademia Gallery, the curious Scala Contarini Del Bovolo, or the views from the Campanile of San Giorgio Maggiore. The islands of Murano and Burano makes a perfect day trip, to discover the lace-making and glass blowing traditions.

Venice is one of the most romantic cities in Europe


Prague one of Europe’s most romantic cities and that’s why it is chosen for a romantic getaway by so many people. Its historic center is declared a World Heritage Site: The baroque facades of pastel colors, centennial architecture, and the cobblestone streets are just some of its charms.

Take note of these plans for couples: Take a ride on horse carriage or convertible car in the famous Old Times Square, walk along the Charles Bridge under the nightlight of the lanterns or the morning fog, finding out the real story behind the astronomical clock of the City Hall and of course, getting inside a fairy tale when visiting the Castle (worth a guided tour!).

Credit: Flickr @azuaje


Take your couple plans to the next level: horse carriage listening to the driver’s explanations, ride a boat on the Danube, attend the ballet at the Vienna National Opera, climb the St. Stephen’s Tower, or stroll through the charming gardens of Schönbrunn Palace.

If you appreciate a good coffee break, few cities in Europe have as many historic, luxurious and cozy cafes as Vienna. You can share a Sacher-Torte in the place where it was created, Café Sacher. And if you want to immortalize an unforgettable kiss, take a picture of you two in front of the famous Klimt’s painting “The Kiss”, inside the Belvedere Palace! Yes, we’re cheesy, we know it…

Credit: Bwag en Wikimedia


Teruel is one of the most romantic cities in Spain thanks to the history of its Lovers and its artistic heritage. But Albarracín, is the medieval town of Teruel that appears in all the “Most beautiful villages in Spain” rankings. That’s why we didn’t want to skip it!

It’s the dream destination for adventurous couples: you can go trekking, canyoning, bike routes, zip lines… but also other more romantic plans such as horse riding or ballooning. The ruins of a castle with Arab origin are perched on a cliff. Without a doubt, a natural environment that will delight any photography lover!


It’s possible that you tried to say out loud this name and didn’t sound romantic at all. Ok… maybe the language isn’t, but the state of Bavaria is romantic indeed! Rothenburg ob der Tauber is possibly the most photogenic medieval city in Germany. Isn’t look gorgeous?

The old town is surrounded by a 2-mile long city wall and you can stroll some of its parts. Next to these, Burggarten Gardens offer one of the best views. The Market Square is the meeting point of the residents – if you happen to be on the weekly market day, please don’t miss it! But what you won’t want to miss, THE PHOTO that you must take no matter what, is the Plönlein Little Square, probably the most photographed corner.


Porto is gaining ground to his older sister, Lisbon. More and more people have become aware of how much this city has to offer: the views from the Luis I Bridge, the strolls along the Ribera and Duero river, the viewpoints, the Fernandina wall, the churches with tile facades… And not to mention the many restaurants for a gastronomic feast. We’ve already told you about the most romantic places in Porto in this post, so we can’t be any more clear: JUST COME!

After pigging out on local food and port wine, our double rooms at Cats Hostel Porto are waiting for you to do your private stuff (After an intense sight-seeing day would be probably… sleeping?)

most romantic cities in Europe in 2020


It’s one of the most romantic cities in Europe and it has been recognized as a Unesco World Heritage Site – if you need it an extra reason to come!

Each street or corner will make you feel inside a Jane Austen novel or and the monuments will take you to another era: the photogenic houses of Royal Crescent, the symmetrical honey-colored houses of The Circus (a circular square that respected the space of the old circus), or the picturesque stretch of the Avon River under Pulteney Bridge.

A romantic getaway would not be complete, without a visit to the Abbey and its vaults, a stroll through Prior Park Landscape Garden with a proper Insta photo shooting session, or an afternoon of relaxation in the thermal baths, the city’s great claim.

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Another fairy tale city that is perfect for a romantic city break with plans such as looking for swans in Minnewater Park, cruising the canal by boat, browsing antique shops, getting lost in narrow streets, visiting the beautiful buildings of the Burg Platz, or sharing Belgium chocolate or drinking beer.

Wait, drinking beer does not sound romantic to you? That’s because you haven’t seen this brewery overlooking the canal! Moreover, this wall in front of it is one of the favorite corners of the city to go down on your knee. (If someone has this plan on mind…)

Most romantic places in EuropeCredit: Max Pixel


All roads lead to Rome, so we got back to Italy again because we couldn’t forget about the capital city in this article! You don’t believe it’s called the city of eternal love for nothing, do you?

Throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain, watch the sunset from the viewpoint of Villa Medici, rest in the gardens of Villa Borghese, cross the Milvio Bridge, climb the stairs of Piazza di Spagna, have the aperitif in Piazza Navona, make a picnic on Tiber Island, learn about the history behind Castel Sant’Angelo or share a plate of spaghetti-like the lady and the tramp- in any trattoria in the city.

The list of Most romantic cities in Europe


Have a drink at the fishing port, walk through the labyrinthine cobbled streets around the church of St. Euphemia, stroll among the Golden Cape cypresses, tan on the beach in Lone Bay, hire a Sunset Cruise, have a romantic seafood dinner and white wine on a terrace in the historic center, or visit the Postojna cave and the Predjama castle. You see? There’s life beyond Dubrovnik!

When you’re drinking champagne watching the sun disappear on the horizon, you’ll understand why it’s said Rovinj is one of the most beautiful cities in the Mediterranean. Tip: do it on Valentino’s rocks and you’ll thank us later!


Ok, we’ve been telling you cities but now we NEED to include this Aegean island in this ranking of romantic destinations in Europe because IT’S the perfect setting for a great love story!

Traipse the villages and get lost among white and blue houses, relax on the beaches of the island, visit the Nea Kameni volcano and its hot springs or fall in love with one the most famous sunsets in the world in Oia. If you want to learn about Greek history and architecture, don’t miss the archaeological sites, and if you’re passionate about enology, please do a wine tasting in one of its many wineries!

Credit: Flickr @pedrosz