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Porto is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway, for singles, married couples, lovers, and everyone in between. In fact, it’s more romantic than its older sister Lisbon, and any other city in Portugal. Strolling near the river, getting lost in its cobblestone streets, leaning out from the top of its city walls or visiting some of its historic cafés and restaurants… are some of the romantic things to do in Porto if you travel with your better half. This one goes to those who want to come here to fall in love… with the city, or with someone!

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Porto was protected by a wall in medieval times, but the growth of the city meant that it had to be demolished. Fortunately, there are still some walls that visitors find as they walk. But do not settle for seeing it from the top of the Luis I Bridge! Did you know you can walk around it and for free? Discover its small garden with orange trees and benches, climb the steps of the wall and enjoy the wonderful views! One of the most romantic places in Porto.

From the hostel: Go up Rua do Cativo, get off at R. da Porta do Sol, walk until Largo Primeiro de Dezembro, go through the arch that joins the Church of Santa Clara and walk on the left until you see a small entrance and the wall. It’s 5 minutes walking!

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One of the best romantic things to do in Porto. An oasis within the city, a park that’s worth visiting in any season of the year, but especially in Porto Christmas. It has several viewpoints, fountains, different gardens (by types of plants) and many peacocks that won’t mind striking a pose for your photos. But don’t try to find any crystal palace because the one that existed in the past, has been replaced by a pavilion that hosts different events throughout the year. Keep your eyes wide open during the walk, wherever you look you’ll find something you like, or is that just something that happens when you’re in love?

From the hostel: There is a bus from Praça D. João. But walking alone takes only 22 minutes. Go towards San Bento passing through Torre dos Clérigos, Librería Lello, Iglesia do Carmo… so you see all the essentials along the way!

romantic places in portugal PortoCredit: Béria Lima de Rodríguez (Wikipedia)


It’s in Vila Nova de Gaia, the city on the other side of the river. But that’s precisely why it has magnificent views of Porto. Visiting the Sierra del Pilar monastery on the inside is worth it, which was also declared a World Heritage Site. But if you’re looking for a privileged place to enjoy with the company with the Douro River as a witness, you just have to get to the viewpoint in front of you. Maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll get a good soundtrack, as there are usually musicians in that area.

From the hostel: Go down R. de Chã, and walk towards the Luís I bridge. Cross it up to the Jardim do Morro. And you only have to go up to the monastery. It’s about 18 minutes from Cats Porto depending on how fast you can climb the hills!

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It’s worth renting a bicycle to explore as much as you can of this huge green area and enjoy its lakes, forests, animals, etc. Do not miss the spectacular Water Pavilion, a building that seems to float. There you can make music through the water, among other things! Fun fact: it’s the only park in Europe that’s directly connected to the sea, so you can complete your visit by reaching the beach! Oh! And it’s also the largest park in all of Portugal, so if you’re going with your partner you’ll surely find a corner in which to enjoy your intimacy (and your kisses).

From the hostel: Take bus 500 from San Bento Station to Pr. Cid. Savior. It will leave you on the closest side of the beach, but just a minute’s walk from the park.

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The most romantic restaurant in Porto. We assume that since you’re in Portugal you want to try cod, right? Well, this is a perfect place to do it, although if you decide to try something else it will be a great gastronomic experience as well. Here they serve dishes with fresh products, but without hurting your wallet! It’s a restaurant to go with no rush (like most in Portugal, ahem!) But the exquisite food and attention make up for the wait. We recommend you go with your sweetheart for its romantic atmosphere, but if you’re in a small group of friends, book the famous Captain’s Table!

From the hostel: It’s in the Ribera area, close to the river. Take the route by R. dos Mercadores and Praça Ribeira. It’s 11 minutes.

Credit: Terra Nova Restaurante (Facebook)


A great place to surprise your other half: delicious food, perfect location, and wonderful views. A kind of hidden jewel, so thank us later for the tip! Do not miss the terrace, and if it’s chilly, do not hesitate to ask for one of the blankets they have! Another option is to get a table inside, which is glazed and very pleasant. But go early because they aren’t open very late and they are usually full!

From the hostel: 10 minutes on foot down by R. de Chã, Rua da Bainharia R. de Belomonte to R. de Tomas Gonzaga.

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On the outside, it seems to be only a traditional grocery store, but the inside there is a hidden garden terrace that few people know. Inaugurated in 1947, it’s recognized by the City Council as one of the historic shops of the city. Here you can buy preserves, cookies, dehydrated fruits, cod, coffee, chocolates, and different types of Port wines, among other things. And do not worry, although Porto has become incredibly popular, prices here remain affordable. Its terrace is a quiet and pleasant place to enjoy the sun, Portuguese delights, good music and the company of someone special.

From the hostel: It’s 14 minutes on foot. Climb by R. de Cimo de Vila to Praça da Batalha and then Rua de Santa Catarina until you reach the Bolhao metro. Turn left until you see R. do Bonjardim (the third on the right). It’s at number 496A.

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Do you paint hearts on the wall with your initials? Or do you prefer to have a beer with your initials instead? Because each of the craft beers of Letraria is named after a letter that corresponds to a specific type of flavor (pilsner, stout, ale, IPA, etc). It may seem small when you get inside but go downstairs and find its beautiful patio in the garden, with a very relaxed atmosphere that allows the conversation, the beers, and the love to flow! Definitely one of the romantic things to do in Porto.

From the hostel: It’s 10 minutes on foot. Climb by R. de Cimo de Vila to Praça da Batalha and then by R. de Santo Ildefonso until you see Rua de Alegría on your left. It’s at number 101.

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Vintage cafés always have that “Je ne sais quoi” that makes them romantics, and Majestic is one of those classic places in Porto that has remained anchored in the past and transport you back in time. Prices are high (€5 coffee) because you’re paying for the decoration and attention. But if this doesn’t hold you back, it’s worth seeing it at least once to know its history and imagine yourself there in the last century. It’s likely that you have to wait in line in high season, but, how do you feel like lining up for typical pastries?

From the hostel: It’s 6 minutes on foot. Climb by R. de Cimo de Vila to Batalha and from there by Rua de Santa Catarina. It’s at number 112.

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