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OK! Tapas are a cultural thing in Spain and stews are a religion in Madrid. But wait a minute—if we Spaniards love to eat (very well) and our way of life leads us to living in the street… CORRECT! It’s time for street food in Madrid.

The phenomenon was born under the influence of the centuries-old urban cuisine of Asia. Big capitals like Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Beijing understand it as a way of life. However, in recent years the trend has migrated and now sweeps the asphalt of European cities.

Its philosophy is based on two principles: commitment to quality and freedom of movement. Minimal infrastructure, tasty experience.

Madrid has welcomed street food with open arms. There are no longer music festivals, flea markets, or simply meeting friends for a beer without lots of culinary options. *Also you can enjoy in one of the best rooftop bars in Madrid. 

WARNING: High levels of foodporn!

And in this context, we’ll get to what really interests us. Which street food establishments are making it big in Madrid? The options are infinite and the cuisines are endless. That’s why the opinions of diners like you rule: Thanks, TripAdvisor!

154 RUIZ

154 Ruiz: The most misfit establishment in Malasaña. The power of the flavor and the love for spice are the main themes of this restaurant. Its influences are extremely varied—from tacos to Korean kimchi. For only the bravest, they’ve got the spicy challenge: if you can handle three dishes…you get the prize!

kitchen154 street food madrid

Credit: @Kitchen 154


Tasty Poke Bar: Modern food fashion has made its way into Madrid (as if it could be otherwise). This dish, which comes from Hawaiian culture, offers as many variations as our minds (and stomachs) are capable of creating. Healthy, original, and rich, it has all the makings of a winning option.

tasty poke bar madrid

Credit: @Tasty Poke Bar


San Wich: A small corner of Chile in the center of the city. Original sandwiches and burgers on homemade bread with nuances that transport you to the other side of the pond. The ceviche and pisco sours complete the experience.

san wich

Credit: San Wich


Medri, El Mundo tiramisú: Pastries have also entered the streets with force. If your passion is this old Italian friend, you can’t afford to miss this stop.

medri el mundo del tiramisu

New market life

But LOOK OUT! Talking about street food in Madrid cannot be limited to its immense range of street vendors. It is also necessary to talk about the city’s not-so-classic markets.

The old neighborhood food markets have become the heart of on-the-go cuisine. They’ve got specialized food stands and direct access to the best products—the recipe for success.


The Mercado de San Miguel is the most famous and pioneer of the capital and one of the places to eat the best paella in Madrid. It is next to the emblematic Plaza Mayor and has become one of the must-sees for travelers who want to taste the classics.

The calamari sandwich at El Señor Martín, rice dishes at Paella y Olé, or the assortment of cured Iberian meats at Guijuelo, are among its most authentic options, GUARANTEED!

mercado de san miguel street food madrid

Credit: @mercadosanmiguel


The most hipster version of Madrid’s markets is located in one of the fashionable areas of the center—welcome to Malasaña territory. It is the Mercado de San Ildefonso, on Fuencarral Street.

Asian influences, like the delicious Dak from Akma, are mixed with the power of Latin food (La Arepera). And when you finish, you can complete the day with a little shopping in Fuencarral Street. The best brands await you!

street food madrid mercado san ildefonso

Credit: Mercado de San Ildefonso


The Mercado de San Antón is located in the heart of Chueca, the vibrant gay neighborhood. La Charcutería de Octavio brings the best ham, cheese, and gourmet products. The selection of more than one hundred wines from around the world that this market offers is another subject…today we’re talking about food.

mercado de san anton chueca

Credit: @lacharcuteriadeoctavio


But perhaps the most authentic market, the one that preserves its neighborhood essence intact, is the Mercado de Antón Martín. Fishmongers, butchers, and charcuterie shops with generations of history can be found along with small bars from many corners of the world.

The revisited Japanese Yokaloka have won the love of their visitors and more secret places which are waiting to be discovered. We dare you to go!

torreznos mercado anton martin best street food madrid

Credit: @mercadoantonmartin

As you can see, Madrid can base its philosophy on the elements of both street and leisure. If we’ve learned anything here, it is that experiences make places great, and this city is just that.

So, whether in a market, at a stand, in a bar, or at a mini restaurant, we invite you to savor and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the streets of Madrid.

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