Admit it. We’re all still recovering from the 200MPH heart rates and goosebumps we suffered while watching the stellar UEFA Champions League semi-final performances… But the best is certainly yet to come. It’s time to get those bodies ready for the biggest soccer event of the entire year: this decisive and prestigious soccer tournament’s final… which will be hosted in MADRID. OEEE OEEE OEE OEEEEEEEE!!

We are over the moon to be this year’s UEFA Champions League final headquarters. What makes it even more special is that the two contending teams are both from the country where this wonderful sport was originally from: good old ENGLAND.

Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool earned their spots at the top of the league and will go head to head to claim the most important trophy of the soccer world on 1st June at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium, the stunning new home of Madrid’s finest Atlético de Madrid FC. Do you know… How many Madrid football teams are?

spurs champions league

The Spurs will make their Champions League final debut after eliminating the tournament’s recent sensation, Amsterdam’s young and dynamic AFC Ajax, with a MIRACULOUS goal from Lucas Moura in the 95th minute. The Reds saved themselves a spot in the final by ANNIHILATING the big favorite-to-win, FC Barcelona, with a historic match that left the Camp Nou trembling after a (0-4) defeat to remember. These two English rivals will battle it out in what can be described as any Premier League soccer (or football as they say over there) fan’s dream scenario.

Madrid’s football clubs are quite used to Champions leagues finals, with a Madrid team having lifted four out of the last five winning cups. But this time, we’re merely spectators, who will watch in awe as English football history is made.

And come on, is there really anywhere better on Earth to enjoy this sporting delight?? Whether it’s celebrating your favorite club’s glorious victory or drowning your sorrows after your team faced defeat, Madrid is THE best place to enjoy this adventure and share the euphoria. Tottenham Hotspur or Liverpool, place your bets!

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  • Transport and travel: Madrid is suuuuper well connected with a lot of top European cities, including both London and Liverpool. You can find all sorts of flight combinations from these English cities. As usual, we would recommend going with one of the low-cost airlines like Ryanair (from London) or Easyjet (from Liverpool). There are so many cool places in Madrid to splash the extra cash on, so no need to be buying expensive flights! Be smart with yo’ money, kids.
  • Designated Fan Zones: the UEFA, along with Madrid’s City Council, will be sure to organize specific areas for all the different supporters to gather in the city center and cheer on their teams in this year’s cup final. The Plaza de Colón and the Plaza de Goya will become the two major esplanades to keep in mind for the big day. Tears of joy and defeat will be shed on a night full of emotions you won’t want to miss out on.
  • How to get to Wanda Metropolitano: This sleek and modern stadium is located on the outskirts of the city center, but has a very convenient metro and transport connections. The UEFA security protocols state that the more neutral and calm soccer supporters can head straight to the Estadio Metropolitan metro stop (line 7). The hardcore fans of each team, however, will be separated and distributed on line 5 (Canillejas) and line 2 (Las Rosas), respectively.

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  • Money: As you probably know by now from all your summer vacays around Europe, Spain has the Euro as its national currency. It’s a known fact that you can get much more for your money in Madrid than other more expensive cities, so make the most of it!
  • Safety: Ah yes, soccer can have its moments. Unexpected turns of events can indeed occur. Just in case, jot down our emergency line that will put you through to the police or ambulance service: it is 112. Don’t feel too nervous about all this, though. Madrid is actually one of the safest soccer destinations worldwide, we look after our footie fans!
  • Climate: This is Spain, amigos. Y’all know how it is around here already! If we are envied for one thing, it’s our wonderful sunny climate. Unless sudden spurts of rain appear out of nowhere, we’re expecting nice spring weather with highs of 25ºC. Sun cream and shorts weather, for sure.
  • Food and drinks: Again, this is España we’re talking about. We understand that with all the soccer excitement and anticipation, you may not prioritize where and what you wanna eat, but if you consider yourself a foodie, Madrid is an amazing place to enjoy all different kinds of delicacies at really good prices. And drinks, you ask? You’ll be up to your eyeballs in our typical “cañas”. Enjoy!

madrid food and drinks

  • Par-tay: Yup, Madrid has more than made a reputation for itself for having the wildest and most bubbly nightlife ever. You’ll be spoilt for choice with the millions of bars on every corner. If you simply cannot decide which venue to choose, why not try out Cats’ pub crawl in Madrid? Our unique fiesta expertise will knock your socks off and you’ll have the time of your lives! Time to raise your CUP! Pun intended.
  • Where to stay: Really guys? Your place is with us! Cats can’t be beaten: guaranteed fun 24/7, attractive price-tag, brand new installations, and the best staff imaginable. Don’t think twice!


Cats has the winning game-plan going on for the UEFA Champions League Final weekend.

Nothing makes us happier than giving our guests the experience of a life-time. We honestly LOVE adapting our plans to suit your exquisite tastes. We especially love going all out for our footie fans! Especially this year seeing as: FOOTBALL’S COMINGGGG (TO OUR) HOME: THE BEST HOSTEL MADRID.

From Friday to Sunday, our hostel’s brilliant staff will become the official organizers of our top-class grand finale celebrations. Our huge plasma TVs will come to life and we’ll get all the flags and scarves out for you to really get in the mood! The most enthusiastic European football supporters will feel right at home in our very own “Cats Arena”.

On top of that, tapas tours, enthralling parties, games upon games and the wildest pub crawl are all on the to-do list. Win or lose, it will definitely be a weekend for the books. Make sure you choose wisely!

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