A pub crawl is a bars and clubs tour that we do at night* with people from all over the world.
(Well, in Madrid we also drink during the day, but we let you do this on your own, so you can explore the city at the same time!)

It’s not only the perfect opportunity to make new friends, but also, to practice languages and obviously, spend an incredible night partying in a casual atmosphere.

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Our mythical Cats Cave is the meeting point for all participants. Since the ultimate party hostel is Cats Party Hostel Madrid Sol, it makes sense that we all meet here, right? From 9.00 p.m. we receive guests from both CATS HOSTEL, guests from other hostels, friends, visitors and yes, even local residents! That’s right, everyone is welcome to our pub crawl in Madrid as long as they bring good vibes and is ready to have a good time.

The drinks will flow non-stop (for obvious reasons we can only accept people over 18 on this tour) and it will be accompanied by crazy dance moves and good music. A shot is included in our hostel with your pub crawl ticket, but not all bars in Madrid have these cheap prices, so make sure you “refuel” as much as you can.

Then, we’ll go on foot to Madrid’s hottest clubs and bars in the city center, which vary according to the day of the week, so you can join our pub crawl in Madrid more than one night and have a different experience each night!

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  • Forget about flip flops: Seriously… can you dance well in flip flops? We want to see that! But only in our bar, because in the other bars of the route, you might not be allowed to enter with them. About sneakers, they shouldn’t be a problem (especially those super modern models that don’t look sporty) but ask your guide what the route of the night is because in some clubs they are not allowed, and you’re better safe than sorry.
  • Ask if you can wear shorts: As comfortable as shorts are, they aren’t taken well in some clubs, and the pub crawl always ends up in a club. At least one of them, could not let you in, so ask our guide what the dress code for the night is. Of course, forget about swimsuits or tracksuits. The good thing about us starting the party at the hostel is that if you need to change your clothes you’re pretty close to your room!
  • Think twice before wearing heels: If there is a reader who loves heels, in Madrid it might be better to leave them at home. Some streets are paved, and sometimes there are obstacles that seem to come out of nowhere… for some reason, it seems that the downtown streets are always under construction (our mayor is making the city pretty for all our dear visitors, but this is taking a while). Many girls don’t feel very comfortable in heels all night, so we wanted to let you know, but of course, bring them if you fancy!
  • Carry identification with you: They may not let you enter the club without showing it since they can ask for security reasons, or because you look youthful, you can deal with it! Remember that access to nightclubs in Madrid is for people over 18.


  • Because you’re traveling solo: Some solo travelers go on the pub crawl and become best friends with the people they met! On a pub crawl night, they forge beautiful friendships based on alcohol (and bad decisions) -we believe that many great friendships started like this!
  • Because you have no idea where to party: If you didn’t know what to do in Madrid during the day -and we had to tell you at the reception– you certainly did not check what you can do at night, and here we’re to save the day (or night) again. Anyway… we love you as you are!
  • Because it runs every day: Exactly, the party animals of Cats hostels do not take a break. Our pub crawl leaves every night (as long as there are enough brave people willing to sign up). It doesn’t matter if your trip to Madrid falls on a Monday or a Wednesday, we’ll not disappoint you!


The regular price is usually the same across the year unless there is a special event (like NYE or something!). When you buy your pub crawl ticket you’ll have to exchange it in our bar for a bracelet. We open from 6:00 p.m. but the guides arrive around 8:00 p.m. You can ask them what the night’s plan is, they’ll inform everyone if there is a free dinner or special activity on the day!

You can join later if you wish, as we won’t be leaving the hostel until 12:00 a.m to continue with our route. This is quite shocking to some of our guests, as they come from countries where bars are about to close at that time. But Spain is different, amigos!

Before it’s time to leave, we’ll entertain ourselves with our famous drinking games. Have you ever played beer pong? We even do competitions some nights! It doesn’t matter if you’ve never played, or if the last time you did it was on the end-of-year trip 5 years ago. Here we’re all young in spirit and we have come to have fun!

What is included:

  • 1 free shot in our bar
  • Free entrance to 3 pubs in the center with a shot in each one
  • Free entrance to the nightclub and without queues

How to get your ticket:

  • Buy your ticket from the pub crawl guides right at the bar. Just look for these smiling faces:

pub crawl madrid

We’re really trying to be objective but… we truly recommend you to do a pub crawl in Madrid with us, because many guests have already told us that it’s one of the most fun activities they have done during their stay. And to be honest, you’ll pay a very small amount to pay for everything the night entails!

The night will be long because in Madrid people stay out until late… you wouldn’t be the first guest to arrive at 8:00 am, just in time for breakfast!

Are you in?

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