Madrid is all about diversity, as you may already know. And yes, for all y’all hungry herbivores wondering… This city has got it going on for vegetarian dining. Plant-based cuisine has gone from being an edgy alternative to a popular food option that has prompted the development of a wide variety of wonderful and trendy new vegetarian and vegan restaurants that truly care about the quality, and impact, of local produce.

Madrid is the perfect grazing spot for the fiercest followers of the vegetarian way of life – in this paradise, everyone can find their favorite meatless place. The city is heaving with cool new restaurants. Therefore, we are going to help you find the best vegetarian restaurants in Madrid that live up to the ‘Mens Sana in Corpore Vegetariano’ mindset.

Vegetarian food tradition in Madrid and Spain

Over 40 years ago, the vegetarian ball started rolling here with the opening of La Biotika, the first-ever meat-free restaurant in the old-town neighborhood of Anton Martín (right next to Cats Hostel)!

Vegetarianism had its big boom during the 90s, and today it is a well-established and in-demand dietary option for millions of people. Through a city-wide pining for a healthier lifestyle, along with a new-found respect and awareness for animals’ rights, and a more eco-friendly focused way of life – Madrid, and the whole world, is living it’s golden veggie-friendly days!!

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After painting this wonderful, celestial picture of the vegetarian utopia that is Madrid, let’s come on back down to Earth and take a look at the best vegetarian restaurants (including vegan food too!) that Madrid has to offer.

We get it, when you travel to a new destination, you might not be 100% sure of where the best place to spend your precious minutes and pennies is! Let us take care of that! Our Cats Hostel Madrid Sol staff is here to save the day and tell you the most amazing gastro-vegetarian spots in Spain’s capital city.

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Best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Madrid

Here is a selection of the best restaurants that are home to delicious vegetarian and vegan options in our beautiful city. Ready? Set, go!

  • Levél Veggie Bistro

The LAP of LUXURY. This bar is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Madrid and the perfect match between experimental avant-garde cuisine and veganism. It’s a charming spot close to Retiro Park. Their vegan tapas are simply spectacular and the raw vegan dishes will blow your mind! The carefully selected menu is pure delight. We can’t recommend this place enough!

best vegan restaurants Madrid 2020Credit: @levelbistro

  • Pizzi & Dixie

A reinterpretation of everyone’s fave carefree Italian cuisine at its finest, with a selection of top quality products. This restaurant has made a name for itself in the thriving Malasaña neighborhood. It’s fresh, cool and tasty style invites all guests to come and enjoy its delicious ambiance. Don’t miss out on the 100% vegan pizzas and kinds of pasta, and for those who have a sweet tooth, you’ll love what’s in store: the Duce con Nutella pizza! Food porn for real!!

vegan restaurantCredit: @pizzidixie

  • Vega

An ultra-cool option for the truest veggie lovers of Madrid. Vega is located on one of Gran Vía’s surrounding streets. The home-made and traditional Spanish feel of this place awakens your eco-awareness as soon as you walk through the door. This cozy and trendy establishment offers new exciting tastes that suit any palate and any budget! The marinated zucchini vegetarian lasagne in tomato cream with crunchy rocket, the veggie noodles with roasted sweet potato and the mushroom ceviche… All simply to die for.

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  • Viva Burger

Located in La Latina (The heart of Madrid), Viva Burger specializes in the most difficult task of all-vegan venues – perfecting the juiciest burgers! If you want to spoil your taste buds without falling into the temptations of eating meat, we recommend heading down to Viva Burger. Its simple yet charming deco and sensational food with have you head over heels in love. If you don’t fancy a burger, no trouble! You can go for one of their exotic dishes from around the globe.

vegan restaurants Madrid 2020Credit: @viva_burger

  • B13

“Ham”-burgers, burritos, tapas and cakes. All completely, utterly and 100% vegetarian. If you’re looking for yummy food that satisfies your guilty pleasures… B13 is your best bet. It’s a small, simple bar on Ballesta Street, in one of the most bustling areas of the capital. But the utmost important thing about B13 is the explosion of flavors and taste that awaits. It’s perfect for enjoying a meal between friends!

B13 is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in madridCredit: B13 Bar Restaurante Facebook

  • Yerbabuena

“Healthy, imaginative, colorful cuisine for our beloved vegetarians. Designed for your enjoyment”. Its slogan perfectly defines the restaurant’s joie de vivre. Yerbabuena has become quite the reference for its homely feel and the exquisite service the owners offer their customers. It’s a mere few meters away from the magical Plaza Mayor, so it’s a perfect pit-stop on the way!

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  • Rawcoco Green Bar

The one true king of milkshakes, smoothies, frappés, detox shots and all varieties of what has become a global empire of liquid elixir with fresh produce. Rawcoco is tucked away quite nicely in the noble district of Salamanca. Its breakfast and lunch menu is the bees’ knees and its brunch is a great way to begin the day!

Best vegan restaurants in Madrid 2020Credit: @rawcocogreenbar

  • Delish Vegan Doughnuts

Let’s finish on a high! This place takes away all the bad things in life by offering you the most exquisite donuts known to man, in all the colors and flavors you could possibly imagine! What’s even better? They are all VEGAN. Yes, vegan donuts. Deliciousness guaranteed. The passionate red-doored entrance entices passers-by and the smell of fresh-baked goodness welcomes you in. It’s located in the indie/hipster Noviciado area. It’s fresh, clean and adorably quirky. Treat yo’self!

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