Best Beer Pubs & Breweries in Madrid 2024

You are leaders. I still remember the Gin Tonic Fever. Those that you had to do a master’s degree in alcoholic agriculture to be able to make one. And what did you do? Keep on with your beer. That’s great. For you, a person of habit and good taste, we bring this collection of the best beer bars in Madrid.

You’ll see everything in here; from a little pub in a small neighbourhood to authentic contemporary temples of ultra-modern beers. What they all have in common is the high quality of the divine beverage they serve. Let yourself be carried away by this incredible universe of tones and textures. Taste new flavour notes without leaving the oldest drink in the world. Without the water. But that doesn´t count.

Here we are going to give you the names of the best beer pubs, the area or neighbourhood where they are located and their exact address. This way you can visit the one you want depending on the area of the city you are in.

Best Beer Pubs in Madrid 2024

Fábrica Maravillas. Malasaña. Calle Valverde, 29

We start with a reference  in Madrid. The marketing and branding team was great at naming the brewery. The truth is that it’s amazing to have a brewery and a bar in the same place. You can walk around the pipes and see the brewing process. They have interesting and tasty options in their kitchen. In addition, you will enjoy a modern decoration and a cosy atmosphere. A very special place, especially if you are a true brewer.

Bodega de La Ardosa. Malasaña. Calle de Colón, 13

A few steps from the Gran Vía you’ll find this wine cellar with a pub soul. You’ll love its tile and wood decor. But not as much as its snacks and drinks menu. By the way, if you bend down and pass the bar there will be a surprise. Investigate and you will discover.

La Tape. Malasaña. Crossroads with Manuela Malasaña, C. de San Bernardo, 88.

If we put in a shaker a fantastic location in the heart of the mythical Malasaña, plus a wide variety of craft beers and quality tapas such as hummus, Russian salad, cheese boards, cold meats and croquettes, we get La Tape. Fancy something more substantial to eat? Make yourself comfortable and enjoy their knife-chopped beef tartare.

La Tienda de la Cerveza. La Latina. Calle de las Maldonadas, 5

What you read is what you get. They’re not fooling anyone, this is a genuine beer shop. And their options are almost endless; both national and imported. There’s always something new to try and an excuse to come back. Whether you’re an expert or just starting out, the staff will guide you and help you find your perfect beer. Also, they have everything you need to make your own beer. This place is magic.

La Osita. La Latina. Calle de la Cava Baja, 10

These are two Erasmus students who know each other and say: “You don’t have the balls to open a brewery!” Don’t judge them, you must have said worse things when you were an erasmus student or when you were drunk. Well, that sentence, although it may seem like the beginning of a joke, is a reality. The proof is that they opened La Osita brewery. One of those small establishments that holds great jewels. David and Patrick know about craft beers, so much so that they even brew their own; Oso Brewing. They’re always up to something, when they’re not organising a Quiz, they’re exploring new flavours and bringing something new. It’s a refreshing and different place.

Los Gatos. Las Letras. Calle de Jesús, 2

Open since the early 80s, this tavern has been able to adapt to the times and the demands of its customers. It is not as “pure” a beer bar as the ones we have seen, they also offer vermouth, but the ones they have are world class. As for food, they are well known for their tostas, with more than 30 different varieties, as well as their range of cheeses, cold meats and traditional food. The décor is also something to note, the place is full of quirky items and is always full of regulars which makes for a cosy atmosphere.

La Dolores. Las Letras. Plaza Jesús, 4

Another Madrid classic. But classic with golden letters because it opened as a restaurant more than 100 years ago. The place retains all its charm, with a large marble bar, lots of mirrors, old posters and beer steins from yesteryear. And that’s where we wanted to go. Antonio Martín, the current owner, has a wrist that is pure gold and the selection of tapas and cured meats they have are on a par with the beers you’re going to have. A quality place with soul.

Brew Wild Pizza. Las Letras. Calle Echegaray, 23

Pizza and beer. What more do you want? With this you can go to the end of the world. Well, that’s exactly what they offer you here. Although if we delve a little deeper, we will understand the formula for success. It has a very extensive menu of high quality craft beers, which will delight the most expert and demanding. On the other hand, the pizza is made of Sicilian dough with 48 hours of fermentation. Add to all this, a really unique place with a great atmosphere and that’s it, you’ve got yourself a great Saturday night.

Fogg Bar. Las Letras | Retiro. Birras & Cheese in Calle Moratín, 5 | Birras & Burguer in Pza. Reyes Magos 6.

Starting with the common point of both places we have to tell you that they have up to 10 rotating taps of Spanish craft beer. That goes without saying, barrel to the power. They are always looking for new and quality things to offer their customers. And they always get it right. If we talk about the bars separately, in the first one you will find a great variety of cheeses while in the second one the hamburger is the undisputed queen.

El Pez Tortilla. Malasaña | La Latina | Las Letras. Calle Pez, 36 | Calle Cava Baja, 42 | Calle Espoz y Mina, 13.

No matter which of the three places you go to, you’re going to get it right. In all of them they offer more than 70 references, i.e. beers. Once you’ve covered the presentation of the drinks, do you think the food is up to the task? They make omelettes like your grandmother, and croquetas better than her. Don’t get angry, it’s true. They play with the flavours of both. You may find that they have made them with ham, boletus, ratatouille, prawns with garlic, leeks and cecina or baby squid “a la vizcaína”. Whatever the invention, whatever the place, they always get it right. And so will you, if you visit them.

La Buena Pinta. Embajadores. Calle de Embajadores, 41

La Buena Pinta is one of the greatest charms of El Mercado de San Fernando. In this small shop you will find authentic treasures among its more than 200 Spanish and imported craft beers. To go one step further, it has a spectacular selection of craft beers made in Madrid. If you are one of those who like to try before, this is phenomenal. They have more than 100 types of ice-cold beers ready for you to try.

Beerhouse Madrid. Chamberí. Cardenal Cisneros Street, 16

Alín the oracle. That’s what you could call the owner of this place. Let his advice guide you because he will know which is the perfect beer for you. This Romanian with the soul of a cat has more than 12 taps and more than 100 references in bottles and cans of craft and imported beers. Don’t miss the weekly novelties on offer. And if you want a good read, go and read the boards that announce all the beers that are waiting for you. You don’t think that the beer will fall on an empty stomach? They also offer tostas, nachos, hot dogs and hamburgers. By the way, they are very football fans and it is a great place to enjoy a Champions League match.

Cervecería Oldenburg. Chamberí. Calle de Hartzenbusch, 12

You’ll love this place. A brewery with capital letters. It offers more than 300 national and imported beers. There is something for everyone. There is only one thing better than the beer: the service. Anyone who has been there can tell you that. The waiters are spectacular and will gladly help you choose the perfect beer for you. They may not be the cheapest in town, but they are the most different and authentic. The food is very good and it’s a perfect meeting place, they even offer tastings, courses and talks.

Taproom. Chamberí. Calle de Guzmán el Bueno, 52

This brewery offers a good variety of beers but the secret is not so much in the what but in the how. They keep their barrels in a refrigerated chamber at a constant temperature. In addition, they serve it with the help of three gas mixtures and one compressed air mixture, which means that it maintains all its properties and a very high quality flavour.

La Virgen 154 Abascal. Chamberí. Calle de José Abascal 11

If we have to define the place, it would be correct to say that it is more of an informal restaurant than a typical brewery. It has an industrial vibe that will blow your mind. Its long tables, with seating for 100 people, make you think you’re at the Oktoberfest. They have craft beers of all types and intensities and the food is homemade with dishes from all over the world.  It is a real mix of flavours and cultures. A unique experience that we recommend you to experience.

Chinaski Lavapiés. Lavapiés. Calle de la Fe, 19

A legendary brewery, despite only being open since 2015, in a traditional neighbourhood. With a décor that catches the eye at second glance, Chinaski offers a large number of taps of Madrid, national and international beers. As in the other top-notch breweries we have mentioned, the service is very expert and will be happy to recommend the best option for you, taking into account your tastes.

La Caníbal. Lavapiés. Calle de Argumosa, 28

This is one of those places with a soul of its own, a lot of personality and completely different from what you’ve seen so far. It is based on three fundamental pillars; natural wine, craft beer and signature cheeses. I can almost hear you drooling. The eight taps for hops and another eight for terroir stand out. Each product is accompanied by a description and photo. They serve it by the glass or half-litre or litre jug, and if you like it, you can buy a bottle for home.

The fridges around the tables are full of quality, lovingly and passionately made concoctions. This place is not to be missed.

The Stuyck Co. Justicia. Corredor Alta de San Pablo, 33

Located at the crossroads of several bars, The Stucky Co is a place with American touches but which doesn’t forget that beer is something global. You can try one of the many beers on the menu. They are handcrafted and you can accompany them with typical American homemade food. Good drink, good food, good atmosphere and good neighbourhood.

Ossegg. Cuatro Caminos. Callejón de Orense, 11

Much more than a beer pub. Ossegg has its own brewery where they make all the beers you can drink there. They have a Czech master brewer who takes care of every detail to produce the best possible product with the best and most natural ingredients. To accommodate everything, the brewery/factory has two floors and seating for more than 150 beer lovers.

Fancy a bite to eat? They have thought of everything. They’ve created six different menus that perfectly match the six styles of beer they brew. The perfect food for the perfect beer.

La Mayor. Los Austrias. Calle Mayor, 77

Pioneering and different. That’s how we could define this brewery, which has been open since 1986. It became the first one to bring imported beer to Madrid with a wide variety of options. What’s more, since 2017, and after some adjustments to its organization chart structure, it has expanded its offer even further. And what about the food? Well, they have a first-class cuisine with mixed dishes, salads and tostas.

Labirratorium. Argüelles. Calle de Vallehermoso, 34

Do you consider yourself a curious person? a gossiper? Well, if you add to all that your love for beer, take a taxi, plane, train, scooter or your brother-in-law with the SUV and run to the Labirratorium. It’s a true brewer’s paradise with over 500 types of beer. Yes, you read that right. From every country where they’ve ever thought of experimenting with malt and hops. Brewery where you can buy or shop where you can drink, you name it, but it’s going to be your favourite place in town.

Plus, the owners are great experts and know what kind of beer is best for you just by watching you walk around. By the way, they offer tastings, workshops and a whole host of other activities that they come up with and that you’ll love.

Cervecissimus. Atocha. Calle de las Delicias, 6

Another shop that will leave you totally enchanted. It’s just how you would imagine your perfect shop. A very neat decoration and a menu with more than 500 references. They don’t stop there. They have 10 rotating taps so you can taste different types. But watch out, now comes the really good stuff. In their Growler Station they serve you to take your favourite beer home. The bottle is in the style of old-fashioned soda. So when you’re done, you come back and they refill it. So you only pay for the bottle cap the first time. Now that’s reusing and recycling.

To top it off, they are in constant contact with their public, they create tastings, workshops, events and courses.

Spoiler Bar. Atocha. Calle Rafael de Riego, 25

This bar has something different to all the others you’ve read about so far. Ready? It’s the only one with its own escape room. Now that’s a great plan. We recommend you do the escape first and then celebrate your freedom with a few craft beers. Don’t do it the other way around, and get your fill of beer before entering the escape room, because the police will have to drag you out of there. So excitement first and then celebration with friends.

They are also very good with food; don’t miss their tacos and Nachos Manchegos.

Birra y Paz. Retiro. Calle de Menorca, 9

A charming little shop where Belgian, English, German and Spanish beers are waiting on the shelves for you to discover. You’ll find them in all shapes and forms. They also have a little corner where they’ve put the perfect products to pair with the beers you’re going to buy. It’s not all about drinking.

Bodega Salvaje. La Chopera. Calle de Jaime el Conquistador, 25.

Miguel is the captain of this ship. He will guide you through the wealth of the Quintanar brothers in the world of beer. Owners of this tavern with a lot of tradition and a craft beer that is respected and admired wherever it goes. It was in DiverXO, Dabiz Muñoz’s restaurant, and continues to be in the cellars of other big names such as Ruscalleda and Subijana.

Moraima. Moratalaz. Calle de la Marroquina, 10 posterior (Lonjas de Moratalaz) – Calle del Camino de los Vinateros, 40.

At this point of the post you already think you have read everything and nothing can catch your attention. Hold on to your pint, I’m coming. Moraima has a few aces up its sleeve for you to try in either of its two Moratalaz premises. In addition to its more than 90 references, a menu that expands practically every week, they have an air-conditioned terrace all year round, the best nachos in the capital and, carnivores beware, a stone-grilled meat that will bring out the mammoth-eating Neanderthal in you.





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