cats world cup


We’ve waited four long, long years. But the time has finally arrived! The World Cup is here, to the delight of all sports lovers, and we’re all 10000% pumped for it!

Spain in general, not to mention Madrid, eats breathes and sleeps globalized sports events. Football is our passion, we treat it almost like a religion, and this is our time to shine.

No other city had ever been home to the winner of the Champions League and Europa League two years in a row, until Madrid did it. So, being the traditional show-offs that we are, you COULD say that we’re the envy of all of Europe.

To round off this spectacular football year, we are all hoping Spain gives an amazing performance, giving us reason to celebrate big-time, like back in 2010. But hey, we are Spaniards. Whatever the result, parties are given around these parts. Any excuse is enough for us to take to the streets and have a blast!

The perfect equation

Right, let’s do some quick maths. If we add our passion for football, World Cup hype, our partying mentality and our amazing hospitality to all travelers in Madrid… you got it!! We have the winning combination! Madrid is the perfect destination to enjoy the grand festival of football (soccer for you yankees!!).

With all this in mind, Cats Hostel Madrid Sol is set to become the place to be in Madrid for all the World Cup fun. Nothing brings people together like the FIFA World Cup, and we really live it up for our national soccer team.

That’s why we’ve outdone ourselves to offer you the best spot to cheer on your favorite teams throughout all the matches of the tournament.

For this very special occasion, our bar will relocate to our spectacular 17th-century mudéjar-style patio. We’ve created the perfect stadium: Singalongs, World Cup decorations and all of the food, plus a massive screen and the craziest and most soccer-savvy staff.

If you wanna live it up, barra brava style (yet CIVILIZED), and jump up and down while singing your football anthems, come to Cats’ patio. If you want to calm your pre-game nerves on one of our bean bag chairs, come to CATS’ patio. If you just want to come, have a laugh and a drink in the best ambiance, come to Cats’ patio. Anyway, just come to CATS’ patio!

As if that wasn’t ENOUGH, get your gambling heads on, we’ll be organizing betting pools to make everything that little bit more exciting (if that’s even possible). And, of course, if Spain scores… SHOTS!

Good luck one and all, we’ll see you at Cats Hostels World Cup Stadium, where all the fun lies!



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