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You may have already heard (we do tend to mention it) but… Madrid is the life and soul of eeeevery party. We like to celebrate pretty much anything here; the start and end of the school year, San Isidro (our big festivity), New Year’s, Gay pride, our soccer team winning, a regular Saturday evening, or even receiving a WhatsApp from that guy or girl you like! Any excuse is perfect to get together, hit the streets, and have a wild night of partying in Madrid!

So, if we take all that and mix in one of the most popular and eccentric global holidays EVER, which, by the way, happens to fall on a four-day weekend this year, which means no school or work… YOU CAN ONLY IMAGINE THE SHENANIGANS TO COME!

So, put on your most stylish straitjacket, do all the gorey make-up, grab your grandma’s old wedding dress, or get those wolf claws out… because it’s time for HALLOWWWWEEEEEN. Yassssssssssssss!!!

Everyone’s favorite terrifyingly awesome holiday has spread like a deadly virus throughout our city over the years. It’ll be hard to find a bar, restaurant or nightclub that hasn’t gone all out with their Halloween decorations! Many Spanish tourism associations claim that Halloween celebrations here in Madrid represent “the only festivity that keeps getting bigger, year in year out”. So, watch this space! We are a TOP Tourist destination for Halloween!


See, the original tradition in Madrid for this time of year was El Día De Todos Los Santos (All Saints’ Day). It was mainly a religious event, and it was also a little solemn -and not nearly as much fun-, when each family went to visit their deceased loved ones. Without a doubt, it´s a sweet kind of ritual, but nothing even remotely comparable to Halloween.

But all that changed when we got swept up by globalization and made Halloween another amazing reason to visit Madrid! Welcome Halloween!

*Foodie fact for these days of the year. Madrid’s typical snacks during Halloween days are buñuelos (kinda like fritters) and huesos de santo. They are two tasty pastries with enough sugar to keep Charlie’s Chocolate Factory afloat.


With all of this in mind, we shall proceed to give y’all a few ideas for some amazing plans, to help you make the most of this magical time of year in our fab city. There are soooo many things to do… Halloween honestly takes over the entire place, so let’s keep on!

Let’s start with a bit of culture, history… and TERROR! A good starting point is the guided tour of La noche de los espíritus, which takes you through the centre of Madrid in a mysterious way. It is a journey in which the guides discover the ghostly legends of the hidden Madrid. Stories that are often true and sometimes not. But that’s the fun part: knowing how to tell them apart! The route takes you through the districts of Las Cortes, Justicia and Universidad. You can’t forget the night route of the Spanish Inquisition: Ghosts and Legends of Madrid.

If you like to combine thrill rides with horror experiences… From 30 September to 1 November you can enjoy the Halloween theme at El Parque de Atracciones de Madrid. Will you be able to go through its “Passages of Terror”? The Temple of Shanarkai, the terrifying The Walking Dead Experience, take a walk through El Viejo Caserón with the characters that have ruined your childhood the most, such as the girl from the Exorcist or Freddie, or drop by the psychiatric centre in Asylum.

You can also take a cowardly breather at the Ghost shows, with the King of Pop, or the return of Dark Cabaret, where the devil calls the shots. Finish your visit in the Area 51 area, where mystery and eighties horror go hand in hand.

More experiences designed to make you tremble and absolutely themed are those at Warner Park, another of the capital’s great favourites, of course. Take the experience of dread to a more cinematic atmosphere, for example, the La Llorona terror passage, the only one in the world based on this film, The Conjuring for you to fight with their demons or come face to face with Freddy Krueger! But that’s not all! New this year is The Curse of Rio Bravo, Arkham Asylum, set in Gotham City’s most famous psychiatric hospital, and the new IT Experience. Feel the real terror in their Halloween Scary Nights.

Credit: parquewarner.com

If you are around Aranjuez, you’ll be able to find a scary rural house that is tremendously famous and has stories and performances that will make you wish you’d stayed at home with mummy. Although there are also things that are less scary like the open bar or the Karaoke, depending on how you sing.

If you’re in the city centre, the Madrid Terror Escape Room has more than 200m2 for a unique and terrifying experience for those who love these challenges. Its games are Paranormal Experience and Horror Club.

Chamberí Metro Station, also known as the Metro Ghost Station, will be your favourite place this Halloween. Here you’ll find a very carefully designed setting and the odd character that you’d better not make eye contact with…

Fancy a ride? Why not jump on the Panic Bus Madrid’s classic Party Bus is transformed every year into your worst nightmare. You’ll be set three challenges by actors ready scare you to death. These challenges are a matter of life and death. Win or lose to close, you´ll end up in a nightclub… and, who knows, maybe howling at the full moon!

Credit: panicbus.com


But let’s get down to the important business! Cats Hostel Madrid Sol will always be your home away from home here in the city. Welcoming everyone is part of our genetic code. So when you take all of that and add a bunch of wicked people, an excuse to dress up scary and an opportunity to get LIT in the capital city of partying to the mix… The combination is quite TERRIFIC.

And this is where we give it all. Cats Hostels becomes every year the home of Halloween in Madrid, or rather, its dungeon. Do you think we celebrate Halloween only on Halloween? Ttsssss, think again. Here are some of the plans for this spooky week. Although if you want to find out everything, come to our Hostel and keep an eye on our Instagram.

Do you have plans for this Halloween around city centre? Well, now you do! Welcome to the best sangria party in the world. We don’t have to be humble when we are honest, come and check it out. The secret of our sangria is to spice it up with body parts from late party goers, so we’ll be waiting for you at 20:30 to, for 10€, drink sangria until your body tells you that you’ve had enough.

On top of that, we’ll be creating the best atmosphere, with all the typical decorations (extra cobwebs), music to bring the dead back to the land of the living and shots to make them go back on their way. Cool games, cool costumes, the best pub-crawl, and above all, the most amazing attendees, our travellers!

The party will continue with… why are you so gossipy? Come and find out. What I am going to tell you are some of the things that are waiting for you this week; DJ Salvita, blood with eyes dinners, costume contests, “El día de los Muertos” with the best Mexican atmosphere, special prices on drinks, flamenco show, raffles, games, some Michael Jackson….

Are you really going to miss the best week of the year? Keep an eye on us because…we won’t take our eyes off you…sleep well… MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA (Very loud evil laugh)



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