You may have already heard (we do tend to mention it) but… Madrid is the life and soul of eeeevery party. We like to celebrate pretty much anything here; the start and end of the school year, San Isidro (our big festivity), New Year’s, Gay pride, our soccer team winning, a regular Saturday evening, or even receiving a WhatsApp from that guy or girl you like! Any excuse is perfect to get together, hit the streets and have a wild night of partying in Madrid!

So, if we take all that and throw into the mix one of the most popular and eccentric global holidays EVER, which by the way happens to fall on a four-day weekend this year, which means no school or work… YOU CAN ONLY IMAGINE THE SHENANIGANS TO COME!

So, put on your most stylish straightjacket, do all the gorey make-up, grab your granma’s old wedding dress or get those wolf claws out… because it’s time for HALLOWWWWEEEEEN. Yassssssssssssss.

Everyone’s favorite terrifying and awesome holiday has spread like a deadly virus throughout our city over the years. It’ll be hard to find a bar, restaurant or nightclub that hasn’t gone all out with their Halloween decorations! Many Spanish tourism associations claim that Halloween celebrations here in Madrid represent “the only festivity that keeps getting bigger, year in year out”. So watch this space! We are a TOP Tourist destination for Halloween!


See, the original tradition in Madrid for this time of year was El Día De Todos Los Santos (All Saints’ Day). It was mainly a religious event, and it was also a little solemn -and not nearly as much fun -, when each family went to visit their deceased loved ones. Without a doubt, a sweet kind of ritual, but nothing even remotely comparable to Halloween.

But all that changed when we got swept up by globalization and made Halloween another amazing reason to visit Madrid! Welcome Halloween!

*Foodie fact for these days of the year. Madrid’s typical snacks during Halloween days are buñuelos (kinda like fritters) and huesos de santo. They are two tasty pastries with enough sugar to keep Charlie’s Chocolate Factory afloat.


With all of this in mind, we shall proceed to give y’all a few ideas for some amazing plans, to help you make the most of this magical time of year in our fab city. There are soooo many things to do… Halloween honestly takes over the entire place, so let’s crack on!

Time for a little culture mixed with some history perhaps, and TERROR, naturally. A good start to your Halloween could be the exhilarating and mysterious tourist route through Madrid’s center. The tour guides, appropriately dressed up in old-time clothing, will take you through the streets and tell you tales about the most macabre murders, the darkest crimes and the most inexplicable enigmas that took place in the city.

You can also head to Madrid’s Amusement Park for some Halloween fun! If you like the thrill of fast rides and terrifying experiences in general… don’t miss out! The Amusement Park becomes the home of horror, with different attractions that will leave you quaking with fear, if that’s what you’re into!! Of course don’t forget about Madrid’s Warner Theme Park! They take the cinematic experience of Halloween to a whole other level!

Another plan to die for (get it?!) is the Madrid Movie Halloween games contest. Have a go at all the different scary trials that the ‘zombie sherpas’ set out for you in the center of Madrid. You have to go in costume and be willing to give it your all.. or you’ll de DEVOURED!!!

The interactive La Caja del Terror (The Box of Terrors) theatrical performance is another go-to for thrill seekers. It’s the only immersive micro-theatre play dedicated exclusively to all things spooky in Madrid. It’s about an insane doctor who finds the secret of eternal youth, until everything goes terribly wrong… and only you have the key to escape a bloody death.

Taking it up a notch… If you really wanna go ALL OUT, head to San Fernando de Henares. It’s a town about 30 mins outside of Madrid where they do a Survival Zombie experience. Picture this. A whole neighborhood overridden by crazy zombies who are out to get your brains and flesh! This post-apocalypse scenario is the perfect survival game. It’s fast paced and panic inducing! Only the quickest of thinkers make it through. Just avoid becoming a meal for the living dead!

Fancy a ride? Why not jump on the Panic Bus?? Madrid’s classic Party Bus is transformed every year into your worst nightmare. You’ll be set three challenges by actors ready scare you to death. These challenges are a matter of life and death. Win or lose to close, you end up in a nightclub… and, who knows, maybe howling at the full moon!


But let’s get down to the important business! CATS Hostel Madrid will always be your home away from home here in the city. Welcoming everyone is part of our genetic code. So when you take all of that and add to the mix a bunch of wicked people, an excuse to dress up all scary and get LIT in the capital city of partying… The combination is quite TERRIFIC.

This is where things get serious (and spooky!). CATS Hostel each year becomes the HOME of Halloween in Madrid, by turning into a frightful dungeon of fun! This year’s edition calls for a legendary Halloween party at CATS Chill Out, our wonderfully spacious venue that has been begging for a good party for a while now.

We will work our socks off to make sure you are swept away by the spooky atmosphere. We’ll decorate to the max (a spider web here, a spider web there…), we’ll have the best tunes blasting so loud that it could wake even the dead, there’ll be freaking amazing costumes all around, and not to mention our Pub Crawl Madrid. But YOU GUYS, our wonderful travelers, are the best thing about our parties!!

Come join in the fun.. IF YOU DARE. Muahahahaha.