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What happens when you join the staff of the best hostel in Madrid with the staff of the best hostel in Paris, Milan, Prague, Jerusalem and others? Only good things! That’s why it’s something we like to organize at least once a year.

Europe’s Famous Hostels, the association we are proudly part of, holds a meeting every year with the staff of their member hostels. Each year the meeting takes place in a different city, and this time Madrid was the chosen one. So, it was our turn to be the hosts!! It’s a three-day event to discuss different topics, learn with diverse talks, launch new challenges, get to know each other, and have fun!

We know that when you travel, you don’t want to sleep in a boring place. So, in this blogpost we want to introduce you to the people you’ll  meet when you stay in Amsterdam, Seville, London, or any of the 42 cities where there is a Famous Hostel. These are certainly the people that make the difference between a good trip and an unforgettable trip.

staff meeting

As organizers, we wanted to hold a very Spanish meeting, that is, to eat, drink and dance until you drop. We could even honor the patron saint of Madrid, San Isidro Labrador, in our famous Sangria Party. It was fun to see such an international group dressed as madrileños.

But we don’t want to gabble more! Better see it for yourself. Here are some pictures of the best moments of our Famous Staff Meeting:

1) When you realize that there is a free bar of beer and sangria for 3 days

2) When you realize the bathroom has a massage shower and music!

3) When you get bitten by the travel bug while watching the presentations and videos of all the hostels

4) When you are not sure if calling this a “work meeting” would be  appropriate

5) When you are given a free and unexpected Burlesque dance class

6) When you share your cigarette, but the truth is that you just want to show how cool your tattoos are

7) When you take the free sunflower seeds from Rimini’s hostel, knowing damn well that you are not going to make them grow

8) When you realize you got the best team for the group’s creative sessions

9) When the bartender tells some jokes in Spanish and you pretend to understand him because you want free shots

10) When you disagree on which is the best tapa

11) When you promise yourself, you will deliver good content on time because the webmaster is such a cool guy

12) When they make you dress up as a madrileño with plaid cap and carnation

13) When you look like Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones and everybody wants to take photos with you

14) When there is a sangria fountain and now you get why they say this is the best hostel in Madrid

15) When your friends invite you to a flower power party, but they forget to tell you about the dress code

16) When you have drunk already enough to believe you can sing like Janis Joplin

17) When you ask people to sign your t-shirt, but you are secretly hoping this girl writes her phone number on it

18) When the photographer asks for your sexiest pose

19) When your crush is around, and you are just trying to act normal

20) When you realize the Famous Hostels’ staff are party animals… literally!

21) When you wake up with no hangover… yay!

22) When you are checking IG Stories to see if you did something stupid last night

23) When you go to church to confess last night’s sins

24) When you’re trying to blame somebody for something bad you did

25) When you’re happy because your new friend from last night can still remember your name!

26) When you are so damn pretty that random people ask to have pictures of you

27) When you survive the walking tour at 30ºC – and even get a tan!

28) When you use the excuse of being in Spain for a little siesta at any time

29) When you are into neon signs, cats… or both!

30) When you are hoping all the awesome ideas discussed in the meeting will soon become real

Have we already convinced you to book in Famous Hostels during your next trip around Europe? Apart from having a good time with its wonderful staff, all the hostels keep the association’s standards, which guarantees you’ll have a great stay at an unbeatable price!

It has been a huge pleasure for us to host this 2019 Staff Meeting, and we are already looking forward to visiting all the hostels that we have not been to yet!


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