Different Kind of activities in Madrid

If after reading our post about concerts you still have a charming body and want to party, don’t worry, we’re here to keep the party going.

Death to the traditional and long live the random! Maybe not death, but light punishment, yes. The point is that big cities have great leisure options and it would be very sad to get stuck in A, B and C when we have a whole alphabet of fun waiting for us.

Escape Rooms

We know it’s not something exclusive to big cities and it’s not something new, but believe us, this plan will blow your mind. Of the hundreds of options on offer in Madrid, there are two that stand out in particular; INCOGNITO Escape and Bites Motel.

The former sells itself by saying that its escapes are cooler than “your mother-in-law’s omelette” and they’re right. They have won international awards and that, among thousands of options, is something to take into account. Misterio Flamenco 2.0 and Operación Steampunk are their current crown jewels. They also have a fantastic alliance with Ubisoft, where they mix their games with virtual reality and the INCOGNITO escape room experience. It’s amazing.

But if you want to get your jaw unhinged, book a room at the Bites Motel. If you’ve seen the series, you’ll know what it’s all about, but if you haven’t, all the better. 101 minutes of fun, adrenaline, action and a lot of tension. It’s the closest thing to a TV set and the immersion is total from the start. You’ll have to see it to believe it. I’d be careful with Norman…

Get your adrenaline pumping

I bet when you watched Vikings you thought, that’s what I’m capable of doing. Not the drinking and eating like a beast, I’m sure you can do that, we trust you. We’re talking about axe wielding. Well, here you can prove it.

From €9 an hour teach your innate skills, let off some adrenaline or just have fun with their games throwing axes against a target at El Hachazo. It’s a different, original and very fun plan where you can leave all your bad vibes behind and prove to the gods that you deserve eternal life in Valhalla. By the way, it also has a bar but you know, if you drink, don’t throw axes.

Virtual Reality Without Control

Enjoy video games as you’ve always dreamed of. Leave aside the conventional virtual reality of the Play or the Oculus Quest 2. We are talking about a step beyond. Equip yourself with the latest in Virtual Reality; goggles, weapons, headset and a backpack. Enjoy with your friends the most immersive and incredible experience.

Among the many options available on the market today, we recommend Zero Latency. For up to 8 players, enter a world full of zombies, travel to space to face other beings or go into the madness of Far Cry. Whatever you choose, you won’t go wrong because the experience is a real spectacle for the senses – a real rush!


An artist’s soul, does the heart of a tormented painter beating in your chest, looking to get out? Let it out with this unique experience at the centre. Grab the brush in one hand, a glass of wine in the other and let the master guide you.

For three hours they will help you to reproduce great works while they tell you the secret of the strokes and the life of the author. All you need to bring is your desire, they will give it to you and explain it all to you.


For those who remember the Buzz, it’s going to be like a trip back in time. For those who don’t, I’m telling you, you’re going to have a blast with this quiz. It consists of ten rounds in groups and you will fight to reach the end and win, as if you were on TV!

The presenter and the entertaining quizzes will make the two and a half hours fly by. You can add the option of a meal to top it all off. You’ll have a great time. This is just one of the activities offered by the Tofuro cafeteria, the rest are also great plans.


Let’s see, let’s see I see the brave ones. Raise your hand. And also tell me, who do you think wears toupees in the group? There’s always someone in the group of friends who is considering a trip to Turkey to get fringes. So you take the brave ones and the one with the toupee and put them in the biggest wind tunnel in Europe! This is HiFly Madrid.

Experience a free fall without having to get on a plane. Get into a 12-metre high glass chamber that will make you fly at 270 km/h. It’s as if you were jumping from 4,000 metres. So who’s first?

WAH Show

Welcome to a musical and gastronomic show like no other. A true spectacle for your senses. Enjoy prodigious voices, world-class dancers, tenors and DJs. These artists come from The Lion King, The Phantom of the Opera, Tomorrowland, Ushuaia Ibiza or Broadway.

In addition, discover the best dishes from the five continents. Embark on a unique culinary journey to finish with a cocktail in the purest New York gangster style. A unique plan at European level and something you deserve to enjoy. WAH calls itself “the most spectacular show in the world”, so we’ll have to find out, won’t we?

Dans Le Noir Restaurant

Ranked as one of the 10 most original in the world, in this restaurant you will have to put all four senses in the food. Yes, four. Forget about your sight because you’ll be eating and drinking completely in the dark. Completely blind.

You’ll discover at Dans Le Noir how important sight is, because while you’re enjoying your white wine, your companion will swear it’s red. Even though you’re both drinking exactly the same thing. It is one of those unique experiences that you have to live to believe. Let yourself be guided and enjoy an excellent meal. If your eyesight allows it.

Snowzone XANADÚ

No matter the month or the season, Madrid allows you to ski or snowboard. That’s a real luxury and it would be a shame to pass up the opportunity. You don’t have to be a pro to enjoy it to the full.

You can use whatever reason you want; to get started in the snow, not to lose what you have learnt or just to have fun. So don’t waste a moment and tell the nice people at Xanadu to book your skis.

Cluedo Live

If you like board games, and you’re a bit of a theatrical player, keep reading because you’re going to love Live Cluedo. You are going to play a character but without knowing whether the other players will lend you a hand or betray you (chan, chan, chaaaaaaan).

It’s a first-person role-playing game in which the plot, setting and even difficulty can be your choice and the decisions you make during the 2-3 hours of the game will make it more interesting. These guys really know their stuff.

Ice Rink

At complejo comercial de Palacio de Hielo you will find, among many other things, an Olympic-sized ice rink. Perfect your technique or start from scratch in this beautiful sport of skating.

It is a real luxury to practice it from September to May and you will discover a place with a thousand possibilities and a plan that will not leave you frozen (I hope you forgive the pun, I had it in my head and I am weak in spirit and keyboard).

Salt Room

Stop a bit! What a rhythm you’ve got going up, down, skiing, competing, jumping into the void,… Love yourself a little and give your soul a break. Enter these salt caves, where you can relax while you take care of yourself. Welcome to Salt Room Halotherapy. You will find several types of rooms such as:

-Salt Beach: A salt cave that evokes a beach atmosphere with salt floor, walls and ceiling.

-Pink Diamond: Pink Himalayan salt covers the entire floor and environment for maximum relaxation.

-Rain Forest: Salt vapour in a rainforest environment.

-Salt Paradise: The perfect environment to receive an amazing massage. Needless to say, the massage table will also be covered in salt.

Yellow Humour

What comes to your mind if I say Dolores Conichiwa? What if I say Chino Cudeiro? There it is, yellow humour. In Madrid you can enjoy dozens of events, both indoor and outdoor, where you can have a great time. You’ll be able to get wild and laugh your head off. Get ready to have the time of your life.

Universal Games brings you something that you will only understand once you are there and see the atmosphere. You’ll have someone to entertain you, you can dress up in costume, and you can eat and drink after the events. Seeing people fall down is funny, but seeing your friends, and even yourself, is priceless. So… Give it a go!


What’s so special about Karting if it’s spread all over Spain? Well, first take a look at the options we give you, and then see if they are the same as the circuits you already know. For the outdoor option we recommend;

-Karting Club los Santos in Santos de la Humosa. It is 1,100 metres long and 8 metres wide. The track has 5 right turns and four left turns. The facilities are used for official competitions. For adults, there is a fleet of 30 karts of 390 cc which can reach up to 90 km/h. The average price is around 15 euros for an 8-minute ticket, but don’t miss out on the packs and offers they launch.

-Karting Ángel Burgueño, in El Molar (north of Madrid, in the mountains) A fully equipped racing circuit that has been strategically laid out and has been praised by drivers such as Pedro Martínez de la Rosa, Daniel Ricciardo and Sergio Pérez among others. It’s a real blast.

For indoors the opinion is unanimous; Carlos Sainz Karting, both in Madrid centre and in Las Rozas. We are talking about one of the best karting in its category in Europe. It has a track that will amaze you and the experience will be unique. The prices are usually between 17 and 34 euros depending on the sessions, but we recommend that you keep an eye on their website for packs, experiences and offers.

Interesting Visits

Forget El Escorial or the Royal Palace. Why not take a guided tour of the best distilleries and breweries? It’s a fantastic plan to do with friends, family, your partner or on your own. The latter might border on alcoholism, but OK.

We give you just one idea. Obviously there are many more, but we wanted to open your mind as to what to do. Here’s a hint of what you can discover;

– The DYC distillery, the oldest in Spain.

Located in the province of Segovia, in Palazuelos de Eresma, less than an hour from the capital, is the perfect place for lovers of whiskey and unique experiences.  Discover the home of the first Spanish whiskey and enjoy an unforgettable visit.

BAILALOLOCO Silent Disco Tours

This is one of the most original ideas you will find among the super plans we offer you. Take a tour of the city, enjoy the open air but with synchronised Silent technology headphones. It’s an immersive tour where you’ll enjoy authentic tunes while you play, dance and laugh.

The DJs and monitors are the life of the party, making you dance and groove and have a great time all over the city. The whole group is connected and listening to the same thing. You can join a group or create your own group with friends, birthdays, bachelor parties or any excuse you can think of.

Great Paintball Madrid

Work or family quarrels? Before you throw the printer at him and break ties forever, take a trip to paintball. Besides the fun and adrenaline, you justify throwing or shooting something at someone. Channel your anger, be smart.

Among the options available in the capital, we have chosen Gran Paintball Madrid. The reasons are its 150,000 m2 with planes, boats, helicopters, tanks and many more places where you can hide and battle. In addition to first class equipment. They also offer an Escape Room, a barbecue and…

The Squid Game! They have recreated the 6 trials from the series so you can feel what the contestants felt. And if you are eliminated be careful, because they will come after you to shoot you. This is one of the gymkhana options they offer. Good plans and in the open air.

Amazon Adventure

If you like to enjoy the outdoors, this has to be part of your plan. The Amazonia adventure park offers fun, excitement and adrenaline. If one of your group of friends has vertigo, don’t tell them anything and take them without telling them. By the time they realise it, they’ll be about to jump off their 252-metre super zip line. That’s what good friends do.

Special adventure packs, lots of zip lines, height, games and a different and very original plan. Let nature be part of your great plan in Madrid. It has two locations in the capital; Pelayos and Cercedilla.

El Bosque Encantado

In San Martín de Valdeiglesias you will find this botanical garden which is unique in Europe and is home to more than 300 figures and sculptures of all sizes you can imagine. It also has more than 500 species of flowers.

It has an incredible forest, exhibitions of unique species, labyrinths and a thousand nooks and crannies that make this place a unique place and experience. You can even spend the night there.

Safari in Madrid

Naaaaaaaaaaaa siweñaaaaaaaa…sorry, I got excited when I found out that Madrid offers you the chance to go on a safari. A Safari! Don’t think they’re going to let a bunch of animals loose on Gran Vía, Jumanji style, they’re not.

The town of Aldea del Fresno has more than 200 animal species. You can do the tour in your own car and enjoy all the animals in complete freedom, passing by you. It is not a zoo, I repeat, it is a safari with hippopotamus, lions, elephants, crocodiles, tigers, camels, giraffes, etc. In addition, the Madrid Safari also offers go-karting, although not as cool as the ones we recommend, mega slides and swimming pool.

Hot Air Balloon Flights

If you have never tried it, you must do it. It is one of the most wonderful experiences you can have. Unless you have vertigo. Then it’s a kind of torture. The idea is that it is a relaxing plan, to be able to relax and enjoy the incredible views of Madrid.

Aerotours recommends that you wear comfortable clothes and be relaxed so that you can enjoy yourself to the full. Children from 6 years old are allowed to go up. And there you are, wondering whether you’ll be able to do it or not. What the hell…

Horseback Riding

Madrid is not just Cibeles, it is much more. Think of it as a community, not just a capital city. Just beyond the hustle and bustle you will enjoy the countryside, the peace and, if you like animals, you will be able to go horse riding.

You take care of comfortable clothes, long trousers and shoes that can cover your ankles. The helmet and the horse, let Los Ciruelos take care of the helmet and the horse. You will learn the basics; stop, get on and off the horse, hold the reins and steer the horse where you want to go. All this in the beautiful scenery of the mountains of Madrid. I can see you wanting to study veterinary medicine after this. You’ll see, you’ll see.





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