The Best Horror Escape Rooms in Madrid

But how can you be so hard on yourself? I have heard that you still cover your face with the cushion when you watch some scary movies. But you’re a bit of a party animal. Do you want to scream and have a good time? Follow our advice.

Take a group of friends, the perfect number that venues usually advise is from 3 to 6. Remember to go with an empty bladder, no one wants to leak in the middle of a scare or an ordeal, no one likes pissers.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, for the sake of freedom of movement and in case you have to leave on foot, go ahead of your group of friends and leave first. Given the choice, if someone needs to be eaten or exorcised, let them take them, not you.

Well, it looks like you’ve got it all, so we’re going to give you the best escape rooms to experience the most stressful puzzles, riddles of your life. Enjoy!

Virtual Zone – El Viso

  • Address: Plaza de Carlos Trías Bertrán, 3, Planta 1.
  • Metro línea 10: Santiago Bernabéu
  • Google: 5 / 5

Seeing the fear, face to face, in real life, is pretty scary, but to see it in virtual reality, having bugs right in front of you and you being unable to kick it in the ribs? Or in the shin, depending on your elasticity. What kind of punishment is that?

Well, this can be a real nightmare or a real blast, depending on who’s reading. If you’re in the latter group, stay with us because you’re going to love this. 600 square metres and free roam technology, which will come in handy in case you have a panic attack and run away. You won’t run into nearby walls or get tangled in cables.

In this temple of fear, you will be able to enjoy two exciting adventures. The first one is about some aliens who are very angry and want to invade Madrid. And there you are to stop their feet or tentacles. Between you and your friends, of which there can be up to 16 of you, you’ll have to kill every hellish critter you come across.

The second adventure is in a godforsaken mansion. There’s nothing good going on inside; zombies, a virus on the loose, a serious damp problem and lots of scares. Here the gun theme is mixed with escape and virtual reality. This is another level.

Mindtrap Escape Rooms – Embajadores

  • Address: Calle de Sebastián Elcano, 21, local.
  • Metro línea 3: Embajadores
  • Google: 4,9 / 5

“El Bosque” is no ordinary escape experience. With background noises, light changes or music that might make you cringe. No, no, it goes beyond that. It is a horror Escape Room with actors. And don’t think that they will come out to help you solve the riddles and puzzles.

They will want to scare you, grab you, push you. Their function is like that of a horror show, but with better scenery and with tests that you have to complete before a certain time. In case you didn’t know very well what it means to be under pressure, here you will find out. But don’t worry, the level of fear is adjustable. Kind of like a poometer.

In the Nightmare level they’re going to scare the hell out of you. A lot of tension and a lot of fear. This is the most complete experience. In the Tension level the actors involved will give you less scares, but not zero. And in the Fairy Tale you will be able to hold hands without fear. You’ll have the riddles and enjoy the scenery, but nothing more.

Madrid Terror Escape Room – La Chopera

  • Address: Plaza de la Esperanza, 53.
  • Metro línea 5: Acacias
  • Google: 4,9 / 5

This may be the mecca of horror escape rooms. They don’t mess around, these people go all in. All their rooms are scary and they have put all their efforts to make you come out of there afraid of the dark. They have three experiences, each one more disturbing than the previous one.

“Paranormal Experience”. You will be in charge of closing the most controversial paranormal case of the last few years. The house of a famous film director where there used to be a slaughterhouse. You can imagine the scenary, it’s all laughs and good times. Hehe, haha.  It has the novel self-regulating difficulty and 3 levels of terror:

  1. Alto: For those very (no kidding) very brave, who are over 18 and are willing to have some physical contact with the actors.
  2. Medio: The tension is still high, but the level of terror is lowered. Also, there is no physical contact.

3. Family Edition: Recommended if there is a family or a minor. By the way, you’ve had enough if you take your little cousin to these things. Bad person.

Horror Club: Prueba de Acceso”. Access to the most secret, elitist, macabre and cruel club in society. There are many rumours about its barbarities. Do you want to be part of it? Choose how you want the level of the rite:

  1. Tension: No physical contact
  2. Alto: Moderate contact, with the occasional swear word but nothing serious, and scripted, controlled and moderate bullying and humiliation.
  3. Extreme: For those who have a screw loose and want something extreme, physical contact without exception, possible partial nudity (of you, not of the actors), situations of intimidation and violence and humiliation scripted and controlled. In addition, moderate explicit sexual content and language, mild doses of pain, and participants must accept a permanent submissive role and obey orders at all times.

“Paranormal Dossier: Horror Hall Escape”. Famous medium Elise Rainier is hoping you can help her with a small job at the Helliwell house. Although it’s empty, the neighbours keep hearing screams and claim there is a lot of paranormal activity. Who can resist and say no to Elise?

This experience is played in teams and is competitive. The ultimate goal is to see which team gets the furthest in the investigation and scores the most points. The Helliwell house is an impressive 200m2 facility. As if that wasn’t enough, you only have a torch and a survival kit with you. On this occasion, you can also choose the game mode:

  1. Modo Terror: For those who love these situations, with lots of paranormal activity and moments of total darkness.
  2. Modo Misterio: This is for those who want to enjoy the atmosphere but without the scares. Spirits will do very little of their own and there will be light at all times.

Good Lock Escape Room – Ríos Rosas

  • Address: Calle del Robledillo, 7.
  • Metro línea 1: Ríos Rosas
  • Google: 4,9 / 5

Discover the abandoned house where this whole nightmare began. It is said that it was home to a clown who was anything but funny. Among his many child victims, one stands out: Lucía.

She was the most notorious case and some say that in the darkness of the house you can even feel her presence. Paranormal lovers, this is a unique opportunity to have an experience with the afterlife.

You can choose between a Tension or a Horror experience. In the first one, the interactions of the actors will be minimal, but the atmosphere of tension will be maintained. In the latter I think you can imagine that everything you can imagine will happen, and more. An experience for the Warren couple and little else.

Dark Street Escape Room – Palacio

  • Address: Calle de la Amnistía, 3.
  • Metro líneas 2, 5: Ópera
  • Google: 4,8 / 5

Enjoy “Room213”, an escape only for experts and brave people. You are going to witness many paranormal events. You have to enter the Gran Hotel Ópera, which has been closed since the 50’s. As much as it smells closed, I don’t think you’ll be alone.

Every detail has been taken care of down to the last millimetre. The setting is a real blast and every scare is very well measured. Everything is perfectly combined with riddles and mysteries that will keep you enchanted, and in tension, until you manage to get out of there. If you can.

Hermético Escape Rooms – Almagro

  • Address: Calle de Santa Engracia, 15.
  • Metro líneas 4, 5, 10: Alonso Martínez
  • Google: 4,7 / 5

Let me put you in context. A killer is loose and he knows very well what he is doing. He stalks the city from the shadows. But the worst thing about “Cannibal” is that you have 60 minutes to free yourself and escape from a psychopath who doesn’t just eat you with his eyes.

You’ll see some chilling images that will give you an idea of what I’m talking about and then time will run against you. You are going to have to use all your wits, intelligence and teamwork if you want to get out of there alive.