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Madrid is known as one of the most gay-friendly capitals in the world, with Chueca as the epicenter of the scene. It would be unforgivable not to visit one (or several!) bars on this list. Whether you are shy or extroverted, one of these gay clubs in Madrid is made for you. Keep reading if you want to meet people, have a drink, dance, or find your next lover!


📍 Plaza de Tirso de Molina, 1

It opened as a “clandestine club” a couple of years ago, but today it’s not a secret venue at all. It is on everyone’s lips and leads Madrid’s night scene. The concept is as follows: you enter in what it seems to be the entrance to a notions store and you end up in a big club with 3 environments: the Central Area with dance-electronic music and rock & roll; the Black Room with soul, funky, and r&b music; and the Apotheke, with disco music of the ‘80s and a careful menu of signature cocktails.

But what most attracts the attention of this club is not its varied music but its live shows (acrobatics included!) The admission ticket is expensive for the average of Madrid (€20 with a drink or up to €24 depending on the day and season), but it will be cheaper if you sign up on the guest list or buy the ticket it in advance – besides that, you will skip the queue!

The atmosphere is friendly, but the funniest party is his famous gay session “Chocolate with churros”. It takes place one Sunday a month, starts at 6:00 pm and always with a different theme. A perfect plan to eat chocolate with churros, dance national and international pop hits and finish the weekend laughing a lot. If you need an extra reason to go: It’s sooooo close to both Cats Hostels!


📍 Calle de Regueros, 5

It is the best bar in Chueca for bears and friends of bears. No phony people, no dress code, and no restrictions, -heteros welcome! – It is a tiny bar but has its own personality, and its sessions are fun and invite to dance.

It opens every day and the prices are very affordable. They call them “fraggel prices”. If you are a fan of pop music and Eurovision hits, this is your place (also if you like to watch video clips on a big screen). It is the perfect venue for the first drinks, but many people like to come a bit later for their DJ sessions, which usually start at midnight.

On the other hand, they have a monthly event for those who are going to bed soon: “The night is not for me” an afternoon session, with free entry, starting at 6:30 p.m. No excuses!
fraggel pop

Credit: Fraggel Pop


📍 Calle de Gravina, 4

La Kama Bar is another one of the popular gay clubs in Chueca, although more than a nightclub it that kind of bar you go early to have a drink in a chill environment. But, at midnight the music goes up, so you can dance! It has a very fun atmosphere and is lively every day of the week. The place invites to meet new people and their waiters are very nice and inspiring (ahem, have we already mentioned that they are shirtless… and they start dancing?)

Practice your Spanish with them asking for a “polvo de media noche” (that means in Spanish midnight sex) Oh wait! You dirty mind, that’s the name of the cocktail!!! The mixology menu has excellent quality-price.

Don’t get confused between this bar and LaKama Café (which belongs to the same owners and it is also in Chueca) where you can go from the morning). If you dare, invite a Spanish guy to have breakfast in bed, saying: tomar el desayuno en la “cama” – that sounds just as la “kama”!

la kama bar

Credit: La Kama Bar


📍 Calle de Tetuán, 27

Many people know this venue for being a concert hall in the afternoons and evenings, but from midnight it becomes in one of the most uninhibited gay clubs in the capital. There are different music sessions depending on the day and the guest DJ, but they usually play house and techno music. It should be noted the electronic session on Sundays, which surprises lovers of this genre.

The perfect place to go from Thursday to Sunday after all the gay bars in Chueca have closed!

sala boite gay friendly

Credit: Sala Boite


📍 Calle Pelayo, 11

If you are looking for entertainment and enjoy a show, then this is your place. They have daily performances of drag queens and strippers that surely will not leave you indifferent. His claim is that it is a bar for everyone, “be as you are”, and they do know a thing or two about entertainment since they have been almost 24 years creating fun nights in Madrid! It opens every day of the week from 8:00 p.m. and its shows start at 11:30 p.m.

bar drag queens show

DLRO Live Chueca

📍 Calle Pelayo, 59

In Delirio Club there’s always something happening. If it is not a dj contest, it is a karaoke session, or a Drag Race contest, or Spring Queen contest, or Traffic Light Party (where attendees wear red, green and yellow bracelets that give clues about their availability). And besides all these original activities, it is a nightclub with very good vibes and the most varied music.

They host themed parties that you will not want to miss, like a Barbie party whose motto is “find your Ken”, or the House Bunny party to bring out the colleague girl inside you. All these parties have performances and everything you need to have the best time! The people who come here is plural and diverse, there are both men and women. Undoubtedly, one of the funniest gay clubs you’ll find in the capital!

DLRO Live Chueca

Credit: DLRO Chueca


📍 Calle de las Infantas, 9

It is one of the oldest bear bars in Spain and is always lively. They have a dark room, good music, and quality drinks. Perhaps precisely because it is for people “old enough” who don’t want cheap booze! That’s right, the crowd is mature, and we assure you that this will not matter at all if you come to have a good time. But if you do not like the daddy bear atmosphere, maybe this is not the bar for you.

It is open every day and the DJ sessions start early, at 7:00 or 8:00 p.m., for those who like to start the party soon. In fact, you can just go there for a coffee (it’s open from 1:00 p.m.). In addition, they claim to be a different alternative to watch the Champions League matches. Do not miss their sessions on Sundays, and also take a look at the bar across the street Enfrente Club- same owners and they have parties and drinks deals!

hot madrid bear bar


📍 Calle de Luchana, 38

It is a bar and club within an emblematic building that once was a cinema, and that has been rehabilitated to give a second life to the Luchana Theaters, a multi-purpose space that maintains the spirit and original decoration.

This place is modern, spacious, bright and full of beautiful people who come at any time. It is open for lunch, a snack, for the first drink… the second or the third! Many people who attend the theater feel attracted to the place and end up staying there for dinner. You can go every day of the week, but only on weekends opens until 2.00 a.m.

Without any doubt, it is refreshing to leave the prime gay neighborhood (Chueca) and find this hetero-friendly environment in Chamberí neighborhood. It has something special that you will have to discover by yourself!

Marta cariño bar

Credit: Marta, Cariño