best flamenco shows madrid


Immerse yourself in the famous flamenco show Madrid offers by attending one of these shows of our favorite tablaos. It will be an unforgettable night with the best artists and the best gastronomy if you choose the option of show with dinner! It is difficult to decide on one, but we will try to make it easy for you by telling you everything you need to know about each of these flamenco temples.


📍 Calle de Mesonero Romanos, 11

tablao flamenco torres bermejas

 Credit: Torres Bermejas

The interior of this tablao is beautiful and truly worth seeing. It replicates the interior of the Bermejas Towers of the Alhambra in Granada with walls and ceilings of Arab motifs. Apart from the impressive decoration, the flamenco show that you will find here is pure. After more than 50 years of shows, they continue to make their audience to fall in love thanks to the atmosphere created through music and dance.

They have different shows throughout the season covering different styles of flamenco. The guitarist, the clapping, and the singers accompany the bailaores and bailaoras, creating an intimate experience where improvisation plays an important role. Its gastronomy does not disappoint either: they offer fixed menus included with the show price and are inspired by the traditional Spanish cuisine and signature cuisine.

Camarón performed here for 12 years… what if it turns out that you go there and meet the next legend of flamenco?


📍 Calle de la Morería, 17

This tablao is one of the oldest in the capital, that has been open since 1956 and gained popularity for receiving very famous personalities and for being always open! Hollywood stars as Gary Cooper or Rita Hayworth or famous artists as Picasso or Dalí were some of their clients. These days, don’t be surprised to find movie and music stars, government presidents, or members of royal families.

But that’s not what makes remarkable this place, but the prize of the Best Flamenco Tablao in the World they won! Isabel Pantoja debuted here and Paco de Lucía presented his famous hit ‘Entre dos aguas’. It is not for nothing that many people consider El Corral de la Morería as the temple of flamenco in Spain…

In addition, this establishment has two gastronomic spaces with fresh ideas that keep up with their shows, that is, fine cuisine!


📍 Calle de Torija, 7

cafe chinitas

Café Chinitas opened in an 18th-century palace and it was inspired by the famous Café Chinitas in Malaga, which was the most important ‘café cantante’ in Spain. These were venues that offered live musical performances, but from the 1960s flamenco tablaos took this role.

Café de Chinitas tries to recreate that golden age of the mid-nineteenth century cafes, where intellectuals and personalities of the time met to discuss any subject and taste some liquor while the cantaores acted. Nowadays, here you can taste authentic Spanish cuisine, being its cocido madrileño the star dish that everyone talks about.

Its stage is famous for its decoration with colorful manila shawls, and for being home of renowned artists such as La Chunga or Rosario. They opt for globalization in their cast and have foreign dancers.


📍 Plaza del Conde de Miranda, 1

las carboneras

It is located in one of the most traditional areas of the capital, Madrid of the Austrians and was also born with the idea of ​​recovering the old cafés cantante, but adapting to contemporary times, with a very avant-garde style.

They combine top shows, with periodic exhibitions of plastic artists, and quality gastronomy. The perfect combination so that all the tables are always booked, both by locals and tourists.

Here you breathe art, the artists devote body and soul to dancing and singing, and the impeccable interpretation will get you excited. You do not have to be an expert in flamenco to spend an unforgettable night here!


📍 Plaza de España, 9

This is another classic tablao of Madrid located between Gran Via and Calle Princesa. It offers a fusion of sounds and flavors from different origins that leave no one indifferent.

The good thing about flamenco tablaos is that every night can be a unique show, since they improvise a lot and they generate much more complicity with the audience than a theater would. That touch of freshness is what defines Las Tablas. Their presentations are varied and of quality. And not everything is flamenco, since they also offer puppet shows, storytelling, and last generation theater.

Its gastronomic offer is simple, knowing that people go mainly for flamenco, but its products are first quality, (cheeses, pates, Iberian sausages). The price of show and tapas is more than reasonable. They have two daily passes, so more chances for you to not to miss it!


📍 Plaza de Santa Ana, 15

best flamenco shows madrid

Credit: Tablao Flamenco Villa Rosa

This centenary establishment is a renowned flamenco tablao, the oldest in Madrid. It opened its doors in 1911 near Hotel Victoria, which was famous for housing many well-known bullfighters of the time. In fact, there were two picadors (those responsible for measuring the bravery of the bulls) and a banderillero (the one in charge of putting the flags) who were behind its opening.

Every night Villa Rosa tablao is wrapped in a unique Andalusian atmosphere, with great dancers, guitarists, and singers. Of course, you can accompany the show with a drink or dinner, choosing between dishes such as grilled meat, fried fish or paella.

It is easily recognizable by its impressive facade of tiles in a privileged enclave as it is the Plaza de Santa Ana. Its interior is inspired by the Alhambra of Granada and the style is Andalusian Arabic, with well-elaborated arches and ceilings. The tiles that decorate the walls are real jewels with bullfighting and flamenco scenes, it is not surprising that this place has fascinated clients as important as Ernest Hemingway or Ava Gardner. Moreover, prestigious directors such as Pedro Almodóvar or Fernando Trueba, have recorded scenes here of scenes of their movies.


📍 Calle Echegaray, 15

Only a few steps away from Puerta del Sol, in this tablao the masters of guitar and percussion, singers, dancers, and bailaoras, give themselves body and soul creating a unique and very personal atmosphere.

The live performances take place 3 times a day on every day of the week. And the admission fee includes a welcome drink. There is also the possibility to enjoy a full dinner, à la carte or from a menu. They have up to 6 different menus with the most emblematic dishes from every corner of the Spanish geography. There are options for all tastes!

The tablao takes care of even the smallest detail: the quality of lighting and sound is incredible; the setting is vibrant, and customer service is impeccable. It has been recognized as “Cultural Heritage of Madrid”, go and discover why!


📍 Calle Cañizares, 10

casa patas

You can breathe flamenco in Casa Patas as soon as you step inside, its walls are decorated with photos of the artists who have passed by. And part of their clientele is many artists who have established in the capital.

It has two well-differentiated spaces, the tavern-restaurant with access from the street and open to the public, and the tablao in the back behind another door, for people attending a show (where you can also eat and drink). The fact of having this independent room eliminates all external distractions and favors the attitude of respect towards the artists.

It is a point of reference for flamenco art, and, in addition to the show of each night, here are held exclusive flamenco singing recitals, photo exhibitions or book presentations. Many tourist guides consider it one of the best tablaos in Madrid, but if you needed an extra reason to go, it is literally two steps from the door of Cats Hostel Madrid Sol!


📍 Paseo de la Esperanza, 17

Ziryab was a poet, gourmet, musician and singer, famous for introducing the refined oriental customs in the Cordoba court. Ziryab Café aims to capture the spirit of this great character, innovator and forerunner in many disciplines, creating a space where music, gastronomy, and pedagogy coexist, as well as other cultural disciplines.

With simple but very careful decoration, the show is the center of attention. Flamenco is made up of many styles or “palos” and their goal is getting you to listen as many as possible. This is a space of knowledge and enjoyment and those who come to a flamenco show for the first time will want to explore further.

To complete the evening, you can choose from its menu a variety of cold tapas and wines. This evening will be a delight for your five senses!


📍 Calle del Olmo, 2


Perhaps the most authentic and reveler local of all this list, in fact, it closes at 6:00 in the morning! It became the home of many flamenco and non-flamenco artists who did not necessarily come to act but to give away their art. Camarón, Paco de Lucía, Tomatito have been seen here, and other international artists such as Ruben Blades, Sade, Alicia Keys, eager to enjoy what the place had to offer.

Flamenco shows are held on Fridays and Saturdays, but the rest of the nights continue to be a club for rumba and flamenco, please consider coming here to have fun!

The decoration is inspired by the classic Andalusian patios and crossing the main stage you can go downstairs to access to its famous cave, a place full of memories, dances, and laughs and anecdotes that are already part of the history of flamenco. It is said that Enrique Morente celebrated his birthday there for three days in a row.

In this place, everything can happen because there are always interesting people around. It’s less than a minute away from Cats Hostel Lavapies, so you have no excuse to not going and living an authentic experience!