Best Escape Rooms in Madrid

It’s been a decade since the first Escape Room opened in Spain, so we can be sure that it is not a fad, at all.

The settings and decorations are becoming more and more elaborate. The Game Masters are working harder and are getting you into the game quicker. And with each new mission, the tests and puzzles become more sophisticated with more ingenious methods.

Escape rooms have become an essential leisure option. So here we bring you the best Escape Rooms that will make you laugh, scream a little, but above all, make you think and have a fantastic time with your friends and family.

Bite The Fly – Casco histórico de Vallecas

  • Address: del Puerto de Pozazal, 4.
  • Metro línea 1: Sierra de Guadalupe
  • Google: 5 / 5

Talking about Bite The Fly is to talk about one of the best, if not the best, escapes in the country; Bites Motel. If you’ve seen the series, you already know what it’s all about, if you haven’t, all the better. 101 minutes of fun, adrenaline, action and a lot of tension. It’s the closest thing to a TV set, you’ll think you’re in Hollywood and the immersion is total from the start. Up to 8 people can enter and live a unique experience. You’ll have to see it to believe it.

But not only that, they also offer you the best escape rooms in virtual reality. And they don’t do it with just anyone, they are associated with Ubisoft and offer you to live adventures in the universe of Assassin’s Creed and Prince of Persia. A real blast.

Virtual Zone – El Viso

  • Address: Plaza de Carlos Trías Bertrán, 3, Planta 1.
  • Metro línea 10: Santiago Bernabéu
  • Google: 5 / 5

In case you haven’t been able to read between the lines yet, I’m already telling you that if virtual reality isn’t your thing, move on to the next place. Its facilities are unbeatable, with 600 square metres and state-of-the-art wireless free roam technology. You will be able to live in first person two types of experiences.

The first is an alien invasion in Madrid. The city is recreated to the millimetre and you will have to kill every bug, zombie, mutant, whatever you find, between you and your friends. There can be up to 16 of you playing simultaneously, moving freely. Salvation is in your hands.

Now, if we mix escape room with virtual reality and a lot of fear… here we have “Dead Mansion”. It’s about a virus, a lot of zombies, a mansion that needs a thorough renovation and a lot of scares. If you are a real adventurer-gunman, what are you waiting for?


  • Address: Calle Hermanos Roldán, 2.
  • Metro líneas 5, 7: Pueblo Nuevo
  • Google: 4,9 / 5

Are you one of those who know what Vicodin and Oxycodone are thanks to Doctor House? Have you always wanted to answer with a YES! to the question of whether there was a doctor in the room? Did you want to be a doctor because of the bedtime shenanigans on Grey’s Anatomy?

If you answered a resounding yes to the first two questions, this is the escape room for you. If you answered yes to the third one, I thank God you didn’t pass the entrance exams of Medicine and there are no lives depending on you.

AlExcapeRoom will immerse you in a medical residence where strange and mysterious things happen. The setting and the Game Master will get you into the thread in no time, and you will be amazed by the details and challenges that are waiting for you. Are there any scares? Maybe yes, maybe no. Some tension and a lot of fun? 100% yes. Go and enjoy it even if you’re a literary type of guy who thinks encephalitis was a Greek playwright from the 3rd century BC.

Cubick Madrid Room Escape – Atocha

  • Address: Calle de Téllez, 3.
  • Metro líneas 1: Menéndez Pelayo
  • Google: 4,9 / 5

We already know that the job situation is not really good. So don’t hesitate to go to “The Interview” that the very nice people at Cubick offer you. Maybe there’s something that will scare you after a while, and you’re right. Because there is something dark behind it. And we’re not talking about the fact that it’s an unpaid internship, which is also scary. Dare to discover it in the 80 minutes that this original escape lasts. While you’re at it, take 6 other colleagues with you and see who they accept.

Another option would be to accept the offer that the Olympo Corporation is making to all of you to live in “ÉREBO”, a new and exclusive society within reach of very few. The mega project “The Black Project” also seems to be hiding something very suspicious, these Cubick people are going to give you nothing but trouble! You’ll have a great time though.

Locktopus Escape Room – Atocha

  • Address: Calle de la Batalla del Salado, 2
  • Metro línea 3: Palos de la Frontera
  • Google: 4,9 / 5

Imagine you’re sitting there doing nothing and you get a message: “Your suit is ready. You can pick it up today. Please give the order number when you arrive. Do not call the police, do not talk to anyone, treat this matter discreetly and do not complicate things. We are waiting for you…”

You’ve never worn a suit in your life, and there is something fishy going on, but as you love the fuss and wherever there’s a row, you go to the Locktopus and get into El Sastre‘s escape. And you’re right to do so because for 85 minutes you’re going to have to solve mysteries and you’re going to have a lot of action.

If you see that your group of friends has grown from 6 to 16, then grab them all, tuck them all under your arm and take them to “Blind Pigs: El Negocio Clandestino ” where you will enjoy a great Hall Escape nominated for Best Hall Escape of 2020.

Mindtrap Escape Rooms – Embajadores

  • Address: Calle de Sebastián Elcano, 21, local.
  • Metro línea 3: Embajadores
  • Google: 4,9 / 5

Is that poo I smell? Maybe, because someone’s going to be leaking a little bit of cinnamon down their trousers when they visit El Bosque. El Bosque is an Escape Room experience with actors. Yes, yes, as if it wasn’t enough to have to solve problems with sinister noises and scary scenery, on top of that, there are people who want to give you a good scare. But that’s not all. They will want to grab you, throw you and push you. They’ll do everything but voodoo.

Is that too much for the little scared children? First of all, let me tell you that I’m disappointed with you. Second, don’t worry, they’ve thought of cowards like you. The game itself has three different levels; Pesadilla, Tensión and Fairy Tale.

The first one is the one I mentioned before. In the second one you will see the actors but they will behave better with you. Be careful, they’re not going to invite you for a snack either, you’re going to get some scares. And in the last one, they have them all in a cage, so you, dear coward, can focus on solving riddles and enjoying the scenery. But no scares.

Action House – Prosperidad

  • Address: Calle Luis Vives 6, local izquierdo.
  • Metro línea 4: Prosperidad o línea 9: Cruz del Rayo
  • Google: 4,9 / 5

We are focused on escape, but they also have some amazing live role-playing games. Come by and have a great time playing in any of their formats.

Although they have two great escape games such as “Conklave” and “Ratas de biblioteca”, this last one reformed in 2019. Although the most popular one is “Un caso perdido”

A somewhat peculiar journalist…Some servants who ask for help…Some phenomena that can’t be explained… And in the middle of all that, you and 5 other friends with an hour to put an end to so many problems and find the solution, do you think you can do it?

Influx Escape – Prosperidad

  • Address: C/ Canillas 97 Madrid, 28002
  • Metrolínea 4: Prosperidad / Alfonso XIII o Autobuses: 1, 9, 43, 72, 73
  • Google: 4,9 / 5

Influx Escape is among the best in the capital. Its experiences are immersive and full of fantasy. It has two adventures; “Siltobark: La Magia de Oriente” and “El Secreto de Amerinda”.

In the first one, Dr. Axel Siltobark has had a little problem and he is going to need all your help. You will travel to the golden age of the Middle East and face mysteries and surprises. In the second adventure you will travel to the Middle Ages to find Amerinda, Dr. Axel Siltobark’s companion, and retrieve her soul trapped in the ancient relic of The Crystal Tear. You can see that these two are two of a kind.

Both experiences are open from 2 to 7 players, who should wear comfortable clothes and, despite playing for an hour, the total activity will take around an hour and twenty minutes. The guys at Influx Escape give it a score of 7 out of 10 for difficulty.

Good Lock Escape Room – Ríos Rosas

  • Address: Calle del Robledillo, 7.
  • Metro línea 1: Ríos Rosas
  • Google: 4,9 / 5

You are going to have to solve the best kept secret of humanity in “El Secreto de Gordon”. To do so, you must develop all your wits and intellect. But if you don’t trust yourself, neither your friends, you have nothing to worry about. This activity has adaptive difficulty, that is, the game adapts to the level of the players in real time. So your experience will be complete.

Are you into the scary stuff? Then don’t hesitate to book their most terrifying escape “Post Morten” Are you all very brave? Let’s see the look on your face when… I won’t say more than: abandoned house, paranormal presences and clown. Now it’s up to you to decide whether you are or not in.

Are you a group of 10 friends and you like the Hall Game? Well, here you can put yourselves to the test in search of “El Tesoro de Barba Negra”.

Juego Enigma Madrid – Tetuán

  • Address: Calle Nuestra Señora del Carmen, 7.
  • Metro línea 1: Estrecho o Tetuán
  • Google: 4,9 / 5

One of the strong points of this room is the atmosphere and the attention of all the staff members. You will feel very comfortable and the games are incredibly immersive. Do you think you can solve everything in less than 60 minutes?

Two super classy escape games await you, “El Virus”, which already brings us bad thoughts just reading about it, and “El Asesino de Keylock City”. In the first one, a group of scientists have created a bacteriological weapon and you must infiltrate in their group to save humanity. While in the second game you will have to discover the identity of a serial killer.

Dark Street Escape Room – Palacio

  • Address: Calle de la Amnistía, 3.
  • Metro líneas 2, 5: Ópera
  • Google: 4,8 / 5

Dark Street Escape Room is one of the trendiest places in Madrid. The settings make it very immersive and we love that. It has a touch of mystery that will delight those who dream of being detectives.

Enjoy “Room213”, an escape only for experts and brave people. It is full of paranormal events and it is set in the Gran Hotel Ópera, which has been closed since the 1950s. And the second option is “La Cura”, from 2 to 4 players and where, as the Dark Street guys tell us: death is not the worst thing that can happen… Lots of adrenaline with an intermediate level of difficulty.

Are you up to 40 people? You know that Hall Games are on trend and here it could not be less. Book by phone this great game, “El Misterio del Triángulo de las Bermudas” and enjoy its puzzles and tests.

EXIT/SALIDA – Malasaña

  • Address: Calle de Jesús del Valle, 32.
  • Metro líneas 1, 10: Tribunal
  • Google: 4,8 / 5

These things happen to you because you are a cultured person. You go to museums, you stay in your world marvelling at the great works of yesterday and today, and you get lost. When you realise, they’ve closed the door on you and you’re locked in, and now what? You’re going to have to find your own way out of there in time.

You and a maximum of five other friends will have to use all your ingenuity to solve all the trials and get back to freedom. It’s an escape where teamwork and communication are essential. So come on, let’s rack the brains. You see, a bar won’t do this to you, they’ll make sure they throw you out before they close.

Colors by Experiencity Escape Room – Imperial

  • Address: Plaza de Francisco Morano, 3.
  • Metro línea 5: Pirámides
  • Google: 4,8 / 5

Colours is the biggest and most original escape room in Madrid. Which is saying something. Enter one of its seven experiences. They have taken care of every detail. Their stories are exciting and immersive and, whichever one you choose, you will live an unparalleled experience.

Delve into Atlantis, avoid the end of the world with Proyecto C, recover the mask of the emperor Qin Shi Huang, go to war, relive your childhood… experiences that you are going to love. Let yourself be absorbed by their stories and enjoy solving mysteries in the shortest possible time.

Linked Minds Escape Room – Malasaña

  • Address: Calle de Pizarro, 22 Derecha.
  • Metro línea 2: Noviciados o líneas 3, 10: Plaza de España
  • Google: 4,8 / 5

Ready to take up the Linked Minds challenge? We are offered three games; “Sunset Boulevard”, “El Hospital” and “El ultimo Vikingo”. We have to say that the first one is the most popular and a crowd favourite. In it, you go into a real film noir movie to find out who murdered a film director in Los Angeles. You can go with your couple or solve it with all your friends, up to 12 players.

Do you like to play with your ass squeezed by the tension? Great, welcome to “El Hospital”. The story takes place in a hospital in 1930’s Russia. And I’m not going to tell you much more, but I think you can imagine what it’s all about. Let’s say you’re not going to do your anaesthetist’s training. Finally, from 8 to 16 brave people will gather to choose their new Viking king in an event full of trials and mysteries. Will you be the chosen one?

El Gran Escape – Embajadores

  • Address: Calle del Amparo, 32
  • Metro línea 3: Lavapiés
  • Google: 4,8 / 5

Undoubtedly, the word that can best define this escape is fascinating. If after reading this you still don’t believe it, I recommend you to take a look at their website. They are so elegant that it looks like the website of a museum. They offer 3 incredible escape games full of puzzles and surprises.

“1984 – Big Brother” is inspired by George Orwell’s work, and you will find yourself inside the terrifying world of 1984. Big Brother sees and hears everything, you won’t be able to move without them knowing about it. Will you be able to escape from this world without getting caught?

Bring out your animal lover side by saving every living thing in “Terrible Circus“. But be careful, if the circus manager sees you taking that sweet meerkat off his property, you’ll be imprisoned there like any other animal.  Finally, “Heaven & Hell”, where you’ll have to find the defibrillator that will bring you back to life. Oh yes, I forgot, you’re dead. But that doesn’t mean you won’t get a surprise or two.

Shock Escape Room – Rivas-Vacimadrid

  • Address: Calle Juana Francés, 2, Nave 18.
  • Metro línea 9: Rivas Futura
  • Google: 4,8 / 5

From your group of friends take whoever is the bravest. Or the biggest mouth. Take him or her here and put them in the game “La Santa”, you’ll see how much fun you’re going to have. Although, of course, you’ll be inside to see it and I don’t know if you’ll have the body for a lot of laughs.

In this escape you will have to deal with puzzles and games while being watched and pursued by a demonic nun. Just like that. If you like to be a little scared and tension is your natural state, don’t hesitate and follow the sound of the bells.

But if that’s not your thing, don’t worry. You have the chance to become a real CSI Grison. In “Crisys” you must solve a complex murder case where nothing is what it seems. That’s where I leave it. So whichever room you choose, you’re going to choose quality. It’s up to you whether you want to sweat from fear or from thinking.

INCOGNITO Escape – Imperial

  • Address: Calle de Linneo, 4.
  • Metro línea 6: Puerta del Ángel
  • Google: 4,8 / 5

They sell themselves by claiming that their escapes are cooler than “your mother-in-law’s omelette”, and they’re right. They have won international awards and that, among thousands of other options, is something to take into account. Misterio Flamenco 2.0 and Operación Steampunk are their current crown jewels.

They also have a fantastic partnership with Ubisoft, where they mix their games with virtual reality and the INCOGNITO escape room experience. This results in 3 Virtual Reality escape room games that will make you never want to leave. Amazing.

Aventurico Madrid – Fuente del Berro

  • Address: Calle Alejandro González, 3,
  • Metro: líneas 2, 5: Ventas.
  • Google: 4,7 / 5

I can see your face and hear you: I’ve seen that site and it’s for kids, it has a lot of cartoons, I don’t like that, blah blah blah. It is true that it has adventures for children BUT it has several experiences for adults that you will love them. They are freaks with themed escapes; Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter and Jumanji. 

In the first one you can have up to 10 people, not to mention anything for a birthday or any other kind of party, and the second one up to 7, and if you’re a fan of the film and book saga, you’ll be drooling. For the last one, don’t go crazy looking for Jumanji because, although it’s based on the film, it’s called El Secreto de la Jungla.

Another special mention goes to their immersive virtual reality experiences. One of the most impressive is Alicia in Virtual Reality. We can already tell you that you are going to love this place whatever type of experience you like and whatever level you have.

Hermético Escape Rooms – Almagro

  • Address: Calle de Santa Engracia, 15.
  • Metro líneas 4, 5, 10: Alonso Martínez
  • Google: 4,7 / 5

They have thought of everything and everyone. No matter what your tastes are, you will find what you like in this escape. They offer horror rooms (but a lot), mystery, fantasy and even family rooms. In addition, each one with a different level, from beginners to experts. Real gamers will have their eyes glazing over with their 5 escapes.

Save yourself from a lethal killer who eats his victims after 60 minutes, help take down a vampire, dodge the tribunal of the Inquisition, break into a chocolate factory or try to break up an entire mafia clan. Choose which adventure you want to live and immerse yourself in it for an hour.

Fox in a Box – Atocha / Justicia

  • Address: Calle Áncora, 12. / Calle Infantas, 25.
  • Metro línea 3: Palos de la Frontera / Línea 2: Banco de España o Línea 1, 5: Gran Vía.
  • Google: 4,7 / 5

Pi piri pi piri piiiiiiiiiiii (trumpets sound. That´s right, that’s how I do trumpets) I’m stepping into what TripAdvisor considers the leader of the escape. Welcome to Fox in a box, an escape with two locations and offering a total of 6 escapes to make your eyes roll with pleasure

In Calle Ancora you’ll find: “Cadena Perpetua”, “Asesino del Zodíaco”, “El Pollo Dorado Saloon” and “Mastermind”. I think you can tell what the first two games are about despite their opaque title. In the third one you get to experience a real adventure in the old wild west. While in the last one you’ve been hired for a high-level heist; to get the British crown jewels.

In Calle Infantas you have two huge escapes that will get you into the atmosphere from the very first minute; “Bunker” and “Laboratorio Zombie”. In the first one you will have to avoid the third world war by preventing the launching of nuclear bombs. In the second escape you’ll have to train to be the best tennis player in history with the help of… No way, if it’s called Zombie Lab, what’s it about? Of course it is. By the way, this is the hardest of them all. As if that wasn’t enough about being surrounded by zombies.

Clue Hunter – Lavapiés

  • Address: Calle Juanelo 13, Local Izquierdo.
  • Metro línea 5: La Latina
  • Google: 4,7 / 5

I’ll tell you something. If your car leaves you and your friends stranded in the woods, you accept the invitation of a very strange guy to spend the night in his cabin and, on top of that, you willingly go into his basement for something he wants to show you, whatever happens to you from then on, you deserve it. Well, that’s how you see yourselves in this escape “Atrapados en el sótano” where you will have one hour to get out of there.

The second option on offer is “Sherlock Holmes vs Moriarty”. These two enemies will face each other again in an escape that acts as a spin off of the film “Sherlock Holmes, Game of Shadows”. Here you will have to use your mind and your hands to escape from the secret lair of the evil Moriarty.

BrainBreak – La Latina

  • Address: Calle Encomienda, 12.
  • Metro línea 5: La Latina o línea 1: Tirso de Molina
  • Google: 4,7 / 5

 You have a tip-off. The most dangerous prisoner in Prisión de Isla Negra is planning his escape. After getting hold of the prison’s blueprints, he has drawn up a meticulous escape plan. Prison officials have managed to break him out of his cell and you will have 60 minutes to find the plans and dismantle his ” Plan de Huída”.

His other two escapes are as original as they come. In “Abracadabra” you will discover if you and your friends are worthy heirs of the great magician Raymond. Use magic and all the tricks you have up your sleeve to become the next great magician. Last but not least we have “Regreso a la Tierra”. After an emergency landing on the moon, the shuttle Altair has been badly damaged. You’re going to have to repair it if you want to get back to Earth. And all that, before the oxygen runs out. I told you they were original!

The Rombo Code – Gaztambide, Chamberí

  • Address: Calle Fernández de los Ríos, 70.
  • Metro líneas 3, 6: Moncloa
  • Google: 4,6 / 5

Do you dare to put your mental agility and teamwork to the test? This is an escape room that offers a totally different experience. It offers a total of six adventures where you will find everything, whatever your style. Here we go:

  • El misterio de Don Quijote. Here you will have to find the famous chapter 43 of the most famous and printed book in history; Don Quixote.
  • El Ingrediente Perdido. You will have to enter the laboratory of a scientist to find an ingredient that can change the destiny of the world.
  • Tras el Espejo. Get out of there! You have been kidnapped to extract classified information.
  • El Secreto del Camino. Find the original game of Goose, which contains the greatest secret of the Camino de Santiago.
  • La caída de Troya. Conquer the city while the Trojans celebrate their false victory.
  • El Tesoro de Amaro Pargo. Deceive a smuggler to discover the treasure of one of the most famous Spanish corsairs in history, Amaro Pargo.

59:59 Escape – Bernabéu

  • Address: de Fortunata y Jacinta, 5,
  • Metro línea 1: Estrecho
  • Google: 4,5 / 5

The fact that the last one on our list has a 4.5 already gives you an idea of the high level we manage around here. 59:59 Escape has 4 rooms: “The Captain”, “Doc’s Time Machine”, “La Terminal” and “La Torre de Babel”. The order of the experiences is not random; this is how they have been created.

The first one was the first to be released and therefore the most popular, not surprisingly. You win a boat trip to Hawaii as VIPs and when you go to dinner with the captain…a big party in sight!

Overall, the escape room mixes classic and modern puzzles, with light and sound effects. It’s the perfect balance and you’re sure to enjoy it, unless you’re epileptic of course. Just kidding, you’re good to go. The length of the rooms ranges from 60 to 75 minutes. There is a great variety in the number of players. Even group games. The last experience; The Tower of Babel, is a Hall Game, that is for groups of between 6 and 20 people.