Sherwin Goddard

«Life On the other side, My name is sherwin goddard but better know as the shergod. Am a brooklyn kid from New York living in Madrid spain. People love New York City because they think it the best place in the world and there’s always something do. For me it the same shit just a different day and i was bored of it. This cause me to want to leave and try something new which led me to applying for jobs. I apply for English jobs in Spain because I always want to spend time there and there a woman involved lol. In the beginning of living here I was mad all the time because I could not get around on my own since I didn’t know spanish. In New York there are  so many immigrants, that someone has to speak your language if not English. After awhile I started to make my way around and learned how different if not how similar New York is to Madrid. The night life is super similar because there are some many different people from all over partying that it feel like New York party scene. However, the club feel like a drive bar and a club at the same time which make it more fun to be in. The streets are very old and empty at night but make you want to wonder around a lot. It sometimes hard to make spanish friends because of the Language difference but the Spanish people are very kind and welcoming other than people in the states. You feel like you can trust them without worrying if they are trying to take advantage of you. The food is great here but you don’t have so much options all the time. You can end up eating the same thing a lot. One of my favorite places to hang out is cats hostel because it reminds me of home. This was one of the first places I felt comfortable coming to a lot because the staff are great and make me feel like am always having a good time. So far I’ve been loving the time here Madrid spain and look forward to staying here as long as I can!»

(Sherwin Goddard, USA)