«I started my trip through Europe on my own. Madrid was my first stop and judging by the Spanish capital, Europe must be such a nice place not just to visit but to live in. I checked in in Cat’s hostel and hurried up to do the Santiago Bernabéu tour straight away! I asked the closest person to take a few pictures of me. Having been alone both of us, we started a conversation and ended up in a bar by the stadium drinking beer. We spent the rest of the day together, had a good time and we eventually said goodbye to each other after the dinner when the both of us took a taxi to go back to their places.

I decided to take another beer in the bar of the hostel and I got surprised when I saw the same guy already enjoying his beer at the bar. Actually we were staying at the same hostel but never talked about it. Now that we spent a few daya together having fun and going out with the pub crawl, we are both going to Barcelona to continue our jurney together.

Travelling alone is an excelent and highly-recommendable experience for everyone! That’s what unites the people all over the world! That’s how all the beautiful stories begin. Once I decided to travel alone…and ended up surrounded by a great number of such a travellers, less alone than ever!»

(Luis, Colombia)