«Me and my friend were making plans to visit Europe several years in a raw. It did not happen up until this March! Each of us had to chouse three European cities that would like to visit. It is not necessary at all to mention what’s the most popular European city to visit first, is it!? Therefore our first stop was the Spanish capital, the city of the culture, art, history, fashion, music, and sport. The city that never sleeps, the city that’s open for everyone, the city that you can not help but fall in love with it!

My best memory about Madrid won’t surprise you as whoever visits it does the Santiago Bernabeu tour. It is a must actually! However I did something really funny while I was inside. I suddenly saw a guy who looked exactly like Modric, one of Madrid’s players. I started calling him willing to take a picture with him, being completely sure that it was him. Obviously I was wrong because what would a player do at the Bernabeu museum when he must have been at the training place at that time.

Well, the funniest thing was when the people working there took me to a big picture of Modric on the wall so I can take a photo with him, all of us laughing about the story.»

(Celso, Brazil)