Few feelings can be compared with the one of going to the concert of your favourite artist. Well, maybe you can give the concert yourself, but that would be something special for you, although for the rest…

Hundreds, even thousands, of people go to the same place to enjoy the best hits of that singer. All with similar tastes and with the same idea in mind; I’m going to have a good time.

We are not going to make distinctions by cataloguing the concerts by type. We are going to put in chronological order what we believe to be the most outstanding artists who have decided to visit the capital.

Concerts you can’t miss this December 2022

Let’s start from the premise that WiZink Center is the epicentre of music in the capital. There are other places, such as live music venues, but this has become a place of pilgrimage for anyone who wants to enjoy a night of concerts.

It should be noted that 90% of the concerts we will be discussing will take place there, as they are well-known artists who attract large audiences.


5 December – WiZink Center

It’s going to be one of the best parties this year. Alaska and Nacho Canut, Fangoria, are going to put the finishing touch to the year with their “Fiesta en el Disco Infierno”. A celebration that comes after touring more than 45 cities nationwide.

Coinciding with the release of their next EP: EX PROFESO, they have decided to put on a good one, and they are not coming alone. Their guest artists are Nancys Rubias plus Marta Sango, who will put on a real show. In addition, the DJs Two Headed Beast, formed by the artists Pam Hogg and Arakis, will put the icing on the cake so that you won’t stop dancing from 19:30.


7, 13 and 14 December- WiZink Center

With more than 50 years of experience on stage, Serrat returns to Madrid to end his tour “El vicio de cantar 1965-2022”. For those who may think Serrat is not for them; thousands of people around the world have heard him this year. From the start of the tour in New York in April to the closing on 23 December in Barcelona.

It’s an experience for the senses and if you don’t feel anything stirring inside you when you hear him sing his most legendary songs such as Mediterráneo, Esos locos bajitos, El titiritero or Penélope, go to the doctor… because there’s something seriously wrong with your body! You’re either made of stone or you’re half dead.

This minstrel of Castilian and Catalan words has in his showcase the title of doctor honoris causa for his contribution to the Spanish language awarded by the Complutense University of Madrid, the Gold Medal for Merit for Work in 2006 and an honorary Latin Grammy for being chosen person of the year in 2014. And you’re going to miss it? And will you be able to…


9 December – WiZink Center

Fondo Flamenco disbanded in 2013 and gave their last concert in Seville in 2014. What happened? That this 2022 they got together to give some concerts, and it has gotten out of hand. To the delight of all the fans, they have done a tour that is being one of the most important of this year.

Astola, Antonio Ríos (Antónimo) and Rafa Ruda play what is “la última cita” , putting an end, for now, to their history. London, Seville, Madrid and Barcelona will be their last stops. Don’t miss out on something that promises to be historic.


10 December – WiZink Center

The Argentinian artist has decided to say this is as far as we’ve come with her work Calambre. Her last concert will be in the Spanish capital and she promises that her Último Calambre will be one of the strongest.

We are going to see La Mafiosa more dedicated than ever after being sold out in many cities on her tour, after having toured a large part of Spain and cities such as London, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile. In addition, she has not left a festival untouched; Coachella, Ceremonia in Mexico, Sonar or BBK Live.

A Latin Grammy for Best Alternative Album, a nomination for the 2022 Grammy for Best Alternative Album and another five nominations in the past 2021 are the impressive numbers left by this album that is already history.


16th December – WiZink Center

Madrid has been missing her since 2015 when one of the most international artists from Malaga, Vanesa Martín, came to visit us. She returns to review the well-known songs and the new ones from the re-release of her album Siete veces sí, a work that was originally published in 2020.

Since she took her first steps in 2006, she has only brought hits and a unique feeling that can only be found in her voice. Now she is back with this new edition that includes, among others, a collaboration with Manuel Carrasco.

In the showcase of her home she keeps her Dial Award granted in 2009 as outstanding artist at national level, her collaboration with artists such as Sergio Dalma, Manuel Carrasco, Pablo Alborán, Malú or India Martínez and having written songs for names such as Manuel Lombo or Pastora Soler.


17 December – WiZink Center

We are talking about the artist of all artists, the incombustible Raphael. To celebrate his 60 years as a fundamental artist in the history of music, he brings us his tour “Raphael 6.0”. If you haven’t heard him sing live yet, don’t miss it because it is a captivating experience.

But he hasn’t stopped there. To continue celebrating his 60th birthday on stage, Raphael has presented an album of duets and the documentary series “Raphaelismo”. Let’s enjoy the maestro.


19 December – Coliseum Theatre

Let the betting begin, where was this cantaor born? Cádiz? Málaga? Maybe Seville? Wrong, all wrong, very wrong. Barcelona saw the birth of this flamenco artist who began his career at the age of 15. It’s just that so much art can’t be endured.

It is a real pleasure to see him live. And he not only sings for traditional flamenco, he has also played with other genres making them sound mixed with his roots. There have been followers, the more orthodox, who have criticised him, but it is a real discovery to see how he plays with rhythms. Although there are different colours to suit different tastes.

He has one of the most coveted awards in the world of flamenco, Premio Lámpara Minera, and has collaborated with renowned artists such as Enrique Morente, Paco de Lucía, Raphael, Pasión Vega, and Alejandro Sanz.


December 23rd – WiZink Center

Los Secretos – 20/22 Tour. The legendary band Los Secretos will try with this tour to help us recover our emotions after the pandemic.

They will cover the band’s classics, such as “Déjame”, “Pero a tu lado” and “La calle del olvido”, as well as more recent songs.


27 December – WiZink Center

The end of Coque Malla’s “El último viaje del astronauta gigante” tour will be, of course, in Madrid.

From Los Ronaldos, with their greatest hits, to his greatest solo hits, Coque and his band will review the Spanish artist’s entire career. They will also play unreleased tracks from his latest compilation album.


28 December – WiZink Center

The Spanish rock band returns to present their new album “Trece”. Born in 2006, they have always had a very characteristic music and if when you hear them you have the feeling that the main voice sounds familiar, your spider-sense is intact.

Juancho, the lead guitar and vocals of the band, is the brother of Leiva, the lead singer of Pereza. Besides, he has been the producer of their first two albums. You will love them live, because they love to play and record like this.


29 December – WiZink Center

Dani Fernández, recent winner of the award for best artist of 2022 at the 40 Music Awards, will close the year in style with a unique concert. “La Noche del Plan Fatal” is going to be your best plan for these last days of 2022.

There will be no shortage of well-known songs such as Te esperaré toda la vida, Disparos, Bailemos, Clima tropical or Dile a los demás. The former member of the band Ayrun will put the finishing touch to this year with a concert that will blow your mind whether you are a fan or not. If he plays Plan Fatal with Juancho, wow, and you’re wondering whether to go or not.


30 December – WiZink Center

40 years is a long time, if not just tell that to the guys (men, gentlemen) of Hombres G. One of the most iconic and beloved Spanish bands who have also triumphed in Latin America.

With 12 studio albums released, dozens of songs, hours of live performances but the only thing that comes to your mind when you hear Hombres G is: “Sufreeeeeeee maaaaamón, devuélveme a mi chicaaaaaaaa” And if you are one of those who heard this song for the first time at a party, your attendance to this concert is a must.




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