First of all, we would like to send you a hopeful and encouraging message: Together we will defeat coronavirus and emerge from it as stronger, tighter, more resilient communities than ever before.

We are living an unprecedented time, and we never thought that we would give you this message, but here it goes: We love traveling, but it’s time to press the pause button. Please, stay home now so that we can all start our journey again sooner, stronger and more willingly.

As the Spanish and Portuguese state has established the closing of all hotels and similar accommodations, to help stem the spread of coronavirus, Cats Hostels will be temporarily closed. This is a “see you soon”.

We love our job; but now it’s time to be supportive and to take care of both our own health and the health of our loved ones. Therefore, Cats Hostels is offering its hostels for potential medical usage.


Our intention is always to try and serve our customers as best as we can, so we are pleased to inform you that we have implemented a new more flexible rebooking policy. Our reservations department is contacting all those who have current reservations with us, in the next few days, to proceed with the cancellations and refunds as quickly as possible. If you’ve selected our Fully Flex rate for your booking you can cancel your reservation up to 24 hours prior to arrival.

All direct individual non-refundable reservations* with planned arrival from 13th March 2020 in Madrid and 16th March 2020 in Porto up to and including 26th April 2020 can be rebooked towards a future stay in a CATS HOSTEL (Madrid or Porto) of your choice before 30th June 2021.


The rebooking offer can only be used once per existing booking

The latest possible departure date for the new stay is 30.06.2021

The daily rates at the time of the rebooking apply for the new stay

Subject to availability

If the new booking price is higher than the amount paid, you will be charged the difference

In the event that the new booking price is lower, the unused amount will be retained and will therefore not be refunded.


Like the rest of the hospitality industry, we’re currently implementing measures undertaken by local health authorities, following advices  supplied by the WHO and the CDC  and adjusting operational systems and cancellation policies as the situation develops.

CATS HOSTELS is closely monitoring the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)World Health Organization (WHO) and local health department statements regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) cases and following the guidelines. The wellbeing and safety of our hotel guests, visitors and team mates is of utmost importance. CATS HOSTELS will continue to be extremely proactive in preparing to act quickly should the need arise.

Please be patient, we’re doing our best!

Please be mindful that we are receiving a lot of calls, emails and live chats with questions about the Coronavirus. Bear with us if we are slow to respond,  our team will get  back to you as soon as possible!

Please place your rebooking request stating your booking reference number by sending an email to:

Madrid bookings: [email protected]
Porto bookings: [email protected]

*In case the reservation was booked with a third party, please contact them directly.